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Review: How Blue Light Filtered Glasses Have Improved My Working Life and Sleep

Being a work at home parent often means long nights on the laptop once the kids are in bed. Or trying to snatch a couple of minutes to work in the morning before they wake up. At the same time I can be working in partial darkness, working from my bed, working in front of the TV, all whilst constantly checking my phone.

This comes as part of the parcel of being a social media manager and parenting blogger, making it fairly impossible to switch off and consequently results in a lot of time in front of a screen whether that be my laptop or phone. My screen time app notification that I receive on a Sunday morning states an alarming figure and often makes me worry about the amount of time during the week that I am in front of screen.

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All of this screen time I know is bad for my eyes and ultimately bad for my sleep. How many of you are unable to drift off to sleep quickly when you have spent the evening in front of your computer? I’m one of them, and I’m sure that anyone reading this is the same. This is a result of the unnatural blue light radiating out from our screens preventing us from drifting off to sleep easily.

So how does Blue Light harm you? This post isn’t set out to scare you, but one of things that blue light can do is damage your eye’s retina. Plus it has the power to change your circadian rhythm, which is why you may have trouble sleeping if you’re overexposed to it. Why? Your body naturally responds to blue light emitted from the sun that contributes to setting up your circadian rhythm in the first place. Then imagine adding unnatural blue light at odd times of the day when your body should be creating melatonin to help you sleep. This blue light from our screens can suppress this from happening which in turn upsets your sleep pattern.

My Ray-Ban blue light filter glasses in their box

One way to curb the amount of blue light your eyes are exposed to is to choose blue light filtered glasses. As a late night working parent these have been a godsend. I previously found that after writing blog posts or scheduling social media posts late in the evening I would have trouble going to sleep or find that my mind was racing with ideas. It still is racing with ideas, but less so now. I do consciously switch to my glasses in the evening (I’m a contact lense wearer in the day) to help prevent that blue light strain. Plus I will try to wear my blue light filtered glasses as much as I can on the days when I know that I am going to be in front of a screen a lot.

Me wearing my Ray-Ban blue light filter glasses

Blue Light filtered glasses are just as stylish as normal glasses, and I have been wearing these stylish Ray-Ban glasses for about two months now. As you can see they look identical to normal glasses, it is just the lens that has the blue light filter applied to it. These glasses are comfortable, look the part, and can be worn day after day, either when you’re dressed up or dressed down.

It is so welcoming to be wearing glasses to prevent that harmful blue light hitting my eyes, and even better it means I can have a decent night’s sleep whilst at the same time working until fairly late in the evening most nights. For me as a parent being able to drift off to sleep quickly is key especially as I have a 5 month old baby who is a little sleep thief at the moment. These glasses work for me as a work at home parent, and I hope that they work for you.

Claire x

Working on my bed

This is a collaborative post with Eye Wear These and all thoughts and opinions are my own. I was provided a pair a Blue Light Filter glasses for the purpose of this review.




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