My daughter playing with her Off The Hook Doll
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Off The Hook Dolls: A Review

My daughter is now at an age where she is showing an interest in what she wants to wear in the morning. No longer can I just get her to wear anything, which makes the days when we need to be out of the house by 8am for nursery a little tricky. She’s learning and starting to show her independence through unicorn fashion and Peppa Pig knickers.

On the days where I’m less inclined for her to wear her dog costume to the park or her Fireman Sam outfit to softplay, she can express her fashion creativity with the very latest Off the Hook dolls. And wow what a cute toy they are.

Range of Off The Hook dolls that we received

There are six dolls to collect Mila, Jenni, Vivian, Alexis, Naia and Brooklyn, and we have Naia, Vivian and Mila as part of our collection. Each doll comes with a range of different tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories, and it is as simple as unhooking the top and the bottom to create a new outfit. There are literally hundreds of outfits that your child can put together, and the more dolls you collect, the more outfits you can make, as each doll comes with a different wardrobe.

A close up of the Off The Hook wardrobe

The other lovely point to make is that each Off The Hook doll comes complete with a few surprises or blind bags. So you may get an extra pair of shoes, a pair of sunglasses or some stylish handbags, that you can additionally team up with your doll and make your child shout “wow!”

The Off The Hook Doll wardrobe

What I also love about Off The Hook dolls is how they encourage your child to play with small and fiddly pieces; developing their fine motor skills. My daughter will quite happily sit swapping the tops, legs and shoes, and the look of concentration on her face is priceless. As she’s only three she does sometimes find taking the doll a little tricky, but she will get their with practise and stronger fingers.

My daughter playing with her Off The Hook dolls

We really love our Off The Hooks dolls, they would make a brilliant gift or present. I’ve not seen my daughter play with a toy as much as this, and that is saying something.

Opening her Off The Hook doll

The dolls are available to buy from Amazon and Smyths Toy Store, and I hope that your child loves them as much as mine does.

Claire x

Disclosure: We were gifted these Off The Hook dolls in exchange for this blog post review.

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