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My Little Piccolo: Perfect weaning food for your Baby

Any parent who has recently weaned their baby, or is going through the process of weaning will love testing their baby on new flavours and trying to expand their range of tastes and textures. I find weaning great fun, and I really enjoy seeing our little one’s face every time she tastes something new, often making a funny face at first, and then continuing to eat. During our weaning process I came across a range of baby food products by a fab new company called My Little Piccolo, and I couldn’t wait for my daughter to start tasting and eating their range.

Piccolo Flavours

My Little Piccolo offer a wide range of flavours from Apricot & Apple, to Cherry & Yogurt, to Spring Greens, and we were fortunate enough to be able to try them all.

The range includes:

  • Apricot and Apple
  • Banana, Blueberry and Apple
  • Cherry and Yoghurt
  • Peach and Apple
  • Spring Greens
  • Squash Red Pepper and Chickpea

My Little Piccolo range

Our little one loved all the flavours, and I did too (who doesn’t taste their baby’s food). I can honestly say that they were all gorgeous and very tasty. Each flavour had a uniqueness about it, and tasted very different to other baby food products on the market that we have tried. This is because every product contains a hint of Mediterannean goodness which is key to creating a unique taste.  The Apricot & Apple pouch has a hint of cinnamon, and the Spring Greens pouch has a hint of Mint, which is why My Little Piccolo products are brilliant at expanding your baby’s range of tastes.

My daughter had a really strong preference for the Spring Greens flavour, I certainly need to purchase some more of these as I’m struggling to get her to eat vegetables at the moment.

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Piccolo Story

I really like how My Little Piccolo has founded itself on good, honest and natural food. This is what the CEO of My Little Piccolo – Cat Gazzoli – says about their range of products:

‘At Piccolo we are on a mission to encourage healthy eating from a young age and we believe our delicious pouches are the perfect way to do that. The range was influenced by my Italian roots, background in food education and passion for good, honest and natural food. The Mediterranean approach to nutrition and lifestyle is one that champions fresh ingredients, lovingly prepared, shared with friends and family. It promotes the idea that life is better when there is a balance in areas such as nutrition, flavour, work and family.’

Piccolo Packaging

I was really impressed with the packaging and every product from My Little Piccolo comes in a handy pouch, small enough to store in your kitchen cupboards and convenient to take out with you on the move. I love the matt feel of the packaging, which gives My Little Piccolo a very premium feel. I happened to show a friend when we were giving our babies lunch in a London restaurant and she fell in love with the packaging, it is very clean, simple, fresh and modern. Plus it is very eye-catching for the babies too!

Piccolo Apple and Apricot

Piccolo Apple and Apricot Back of Pack

Piccolo Charities

Now I am big advocate of NCT having completed their signature course prior to the arrival of our little girl last year. We made a group of amazing friends that I had pleasure of sharing my maternity leave with, as well as learning about childbirth on the course itself. NCT also offer loads of other courses, including Weaning. It’s fantastic that My Little Piccolo have partnered up with NCT, and support the charity.

As well as this My Little Piccolo are committed to encourage healthy eating from a young age, giving 10% of their profits to help fund food education charities, providing practical support on baby nutrition to parents.

Piccolo Packaging

Piccolo Offer

Is this making your baby hungry? Currently My Little Piccolo are offering 50p off your next Picollo purchase, and their products can be found at Waitrose, Ocado, Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Cheeky Rascals and

I would definitely recommend trying My Little Piccolo products, my daughter loved them, and so did I. I just need to get my hands on some more now.

Hope you enjoyed reading my review of My Little Piccolo products.

Claire x

Apple and Apricot empty pack


This product was gifted to me in order to be reviewed. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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