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You at 30 months

It’s been a year since I started writing these monthly updates, and it’s lovely to reflect back on what you’ve been up to and how you’re progressing. This time last year you had just started to walk, and we were so proud when you took your first steps. However I was not so happy that you loved walking around the house dropping spaghetti in my Converse. This last month has been great, we’ve spent a lot of time at home as it’s been so cold, and you have really enjoyed playing with all your toys that we regularly loose sight of the living room floor. So at 30 months old, here’s what you’re doing.

  • We had your two and half year check and you were absolutely fine. You loved showing off to the Health Visitor once you got over the shy stage. Telling her about the animals and colours you could see on the shape sorters that you were playing with. You were fine, in the 75% percentage for weight, and the 25% for height. Although I don’t think they measured you properly.
  • A couple of weeks ago we had our first attempt at potty training. It didn’t go too well, and we really need to attempt it again. You didn’t know what was going on, and you were confused about where the wee came from, asking me to clean it up, and then you slipped over in it. We will get there, it will just take time.
  • You are obsessed with Peppa Pig on the TV. I’m not sure why you love it so much. But you want it on all the time. Luckily I can withstand it playing it in the background. However I think it’s time that we moved you onto another cartoon, as I’m pretty sure that we have watch every episode of all seven series that are on Netflix.
  • At 30 months old you are wanting to walk everywhere. This is fine as I’m trying to encourage it simply because pushing the buggy and being 23 weeks pregnant is pretty tough, and it’s only going to get harder. I just wish that you would walk, and I wish it wouldn’t take four times as long to get to places. I think the secret is to take you out on your balance bike, as that’s a lot quicker and allows me to a run a little bit as well.

My daughter in the park

  • You know that there is a baby is my tummy. You often talk to the baby, kiss my tummy, and ask the baby to come out. Not yet. You also told my NCT friends last week that there is a baby in my tummy. I’m hoping that you’ll make the best big sister to the new arrival later this year.
  • As I mentioned we have spent a lot of time at home. It’s been so cold and miserable outside, that all I’ve wanted to do is hole up indoors. That’s fine as you’re really happy to play with your Duplo, Thomas the Tank Engine train set, draw, paint and do Arts and Crafts. A while ago there were days when we had to go out as you were really frustrated being indoors, but now you’re happy with it, and seem to want to be at home.
  • You love building towers, and I am so impressed with you. You can build quite a tall tower now and are so delicate stacking the blocks. Gone are the days where you destroy the towers I make, you actually want to build them.

My daughter going down the slide at the park

  • Every week you’re becoming more of a fan of the London cafe culture and want to go to a cafe for a babyccino and a croissant. What have I created here? It’s fine by me as I also would love a hot drink and a croissant, but it’s a treat and something that I definitely didn’t do when I was 30 months old.
  • I am starting to see a more sharing side to you. I’m no longer seeing as many toy snatches from other children or you shouting “MINE” as much. Instead I am seeing you give toys and play with other children. Keep that up please.
  • You are starting to love to dance to music. It’s funny watching you as you are pretty uncoordinated but that will come. And I love watching you nod your head to the beat. Maybe we have a little dancer on our hands.
  • Lastly you still continue to have a fussiness over what you eat. I’m not worried and I was told by the Health Visitor that this is normal. I have noticed that when using your Fred tray plate you do eat more of your food, as you follow the path around the plate. So maybe this is the trick for getting you to eat more.

Me and my daughter

We’ve had a brilliant first month of 2018, and I can’t believe that you are two and a half years old today. Where has the time gone. Please stop growing up so quickly!

Mummy x

What toddlers get up to at 30 months old

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