My post-pregnancy clothes shopping wish list

When you’re pregnant it can be so difficult to purchase clothes that you love, or clothes that suit your shape. I’m not saying that maternity clothes are frumpy or have no style, but pregnancy can be really limiting on what you can wear. With Summer approaching and with a baby due late Spring, I am dreaming of Summer clothes that I can squeeze my body into after the baby arrives (well hopefully not squeeze, but fit comfortably). There are so many gorgeous clothes in the shops the moment, and here’s my post-pregnancy clothes shopping wish list.

Having just had a baby I know that I will carrying the baby weight for a while, and I’ll be looking for dresses that are loose, and Esprit have some absolutely gorgeous designs in at the moment. These would be great for a summer’s day, or for going to a BBQ, or maybe even a wedding.

I love the print of this dress, it’s subtle and I really like the hints of colour throughout, and it would look great with shoes or even flip flops in any colour. The longer arms mean that it can worn on a slightly cooler day, or for a more formal occasion like going to a wedding or work. I love how versatile this dress is, and the black triangles on the dress make it easy to team up with a pair of tights, so that the dress can be worn into Autumn as well.

Esprit Dress

Sticking to the print style and long sleeves, I really love this dress. Yes it’s a little bit dark in colour for Summer, but it would make a perfect dress for the evenings, and again into the Autumn and Winter months. It can worn with and without tights, or with heels, sandals or flip flops. Again this is from Esprit who have a fantastic selection of clothes to suit any parent who has just had a baby.

Esprit Dress

My last dress that I would love for the Summer is also from Esprit. I love the colour, and how loose and casual it looks. It looks like it would be perfect for keeping cool on hot sunny day. The relaxed style of this dress means that it can easily be worn if you are spending the day at home. Plus it would be brilliant for holidays and would look really nice against tanned skin.

Esprit DressThere really are so many gorgeous clothes in the shops and online at the moment, and now is the time to start thinking about clothes for Spring and Summer. In addition to Esprit, Oasis and Topshop have some beautiful clothes at the moment, and some of my favourites include:

This stripe wrap dress from Oasis. Being a wrap dress it should hopefully mean that it can accommodate my changing shape, and that it can easily be worn for a special occasion or for evenings out on holiday.

Oasis DressLastly I love this dress from Topshop. It’s relaxed. It’s casual. And it can worn throughout the day, to the beach, on holiday, and in the evening. It’s really versatile and can be worn with heels or flats.

Topshop Dress

So that’s my post-pregnancy clothes shopping wish list. I really can’t wait to go shopping again once the baby arrives, and to start wearing Summer dresses when the weather gets warmer and the sun is shining.

What’s on your clothes shopping wish list at the moment, I would love to hear your ideas?

Claire x

Post-pregnancy clothes shopping ideas


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