What I'm most looking forward to this Christmas

What I’m most looking forward to this Christmas

There are so many things that I’m looking forward to this Christmas. The list is endless. In fact I can’t quite believe that it is Christmas in 4 days time. I feel that we have arrived at this time of year quicker than ever before. But I guess that’s what having two children does to you. So, as we approach the festive period, here’s what I’m looking forward to.

Family Time

Spending time with my family is more important than ever, and this is especially true now that I have two children who love to be around their family. They love to see their grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins, and I love that my daughter is now able to remember these special occasions and I feel that this Christmas will definitely be one that she remembers. Seeing family is also an excuse for me to slacken in my childcare duties and balance the load of parenting with husband whilst he is off work during the holiday period.


The year has been quite intense for me, and a massive juggling act in terms of parenting versus working. I had my second child and continued to work; running the social media for two clients and also keeping this blog ticking over. There certainly hasn’t been a maternity leave for me, and I’ve found it at times overwhelming and frustrating to not be able to do as much as I would like to do, which I think has amplified my stress levels. However those frustrations are all created by me, so this Christmas I’m looking forward to pausing with the work a little and taking a step back until January. Thank god for schedulers!

Giving and Receiving Gifts

What is there not to love about giving and receiving gifts. I love buying gifts for my family and I also love receiving gifts too. Luckily for me buying gifts for the family is relatively straightforward as we all write a Christmas list and tend to stick to it. I just wish that my husband did the same and was a little easier to buy for, but nevermind, there are some great ideas at Jacamo for him. This year I have been really conscious about what I buy for people, making sure that it is something that they want and something that doesn’t cost the earth too.

Food and Drink

I can’t wait to eat all the delicious food over Christmas and to enjoy a couple of drinks. I’m sure that I will be eating to excess and some of the foods that I’m looking forward to eating is turkey, pigs in blankets, and cheese. We also have a full English breakfast on Christmas morning, coupled with Champagne. I love it, and it certainly beats smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Then the days and the week ahead will just become a blur of eating and drinking with family and friends.


One of the benefits of spending time with family over the Christmas period is that I can hopefully allow myself some time to catch up on sleep whilst they watch over the little ones for me. I really, really need this as right now I am stuck in a massive sleep regression and barely sleeping longer than 1 hour at a time. If there is anything anyone could buy me for Christmas it would be a full night’s sleep without having to get a baby back to sleep constantly throughout the night.

So those are the five things I’m most looking forward to about Christmas. How about you? What are you most looking forward to?

Claire x

This is a collaborative post with Jacamo. 

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