Why a SpaceCot is a must have essential for any parent

Hands up if you’ve ever had trouble putting up a travel cot? I know that I have. They are a nightmare. You get the sides up, and you think they are locked into position, push the base down, and then one of the sides isn’t locked in. And start again. So annoying! If like me you hate using the travel cot, then I have a solution for you. It’s the SpaceCot. It’s amazing. It’s easy to use, with no annoyances that you get from a standard travel cot. So that’s why the SpaceCot really is a travel essential for any parent with a baby.

Let me tell you why.

It comes in it’s own bag, making it really easy to store and take on your travels. I found it super easy getting the cot in and out of it too, which I know can be a problem with the conventional travel cots. The bag is also really sturdy, and it will take a few knocks and bumps without being damaged.


On taking the SpaceCot out of the bag all you need to do in pull the sides apart, and voila, your travel cot is set up. All is takes is 3 seconds. There is no faffing around with making sure all the sides are locked together, and no pushing down of the base. How cool is that. When I set it up last week I gave myself a high five (by myself) for just how easy it was.

It also comes with a padded mattress, which means that there is no need to purchase a separate mattress for the SpaceCot. This will be a big tick for all parents, as it avoids carrying another bulky item around with you. Instead the mattress simply folds away with the SpaceCot, and is stored in the same bag.


Now one of the best points about the SpaceCot is that it comes with a detachable cot level meaning you can place babies that are under 6 months old higher up in the cot, so it works a bit like a babies crib. For any parent with a young baby this is perfect as it means that they are higher up for you, and the baby is not surrounded by high sides of the cot. It’s really easy to attach as it simply hooks over the sides of the SpaceCot, and uses the same mattress. Plus the detachable level is then simply stored in the same bag with the SpaceCot and the mattress.

SpaceCot with detachable level


The SpaceCot comes in two colours either Stone or Silver, and weighs only 6kg. So it really is ideal to take on your travels, or be used as a playpen around your home once your child is a little bit bigger.

We are really impressed with the SpaceCot, and I would recommend it to any parent who is on the hunt for a travel cot. I can’t wait to start using it once the new baby arrives, and the detachable level will certainly make it easier for me, and I will no longer have to cart our moses basket around the country.

The SpaceCot is available for £139.99 from Hippychick.

What do you think about the SpaceCot? Will it make using a travel cot so much easier for you? I hope so.

Claire x

Why a SpaceCot is a must have essential for any parent

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