Tips To Keep Your Kids Entertained On Car Journeys

Tips To Keep Your Kids Entertained On Car Journeys

Most parents will agree that car rides with the kids don’t always run smoothly. Whether it’s a short or long one; children often become restless and distract your driving. Keeping them entertained in the car is important for safety as much as well being. To keep your little ones happy on the road, have a try of these four ideas.

Movie time

Before your next car journey with your kids, get prepared, and download some movies on your Ipad. There’s nothing like a  great kid’s movie to keep children glued to the screen! The year 2020 is proving to be a great one for kid’s comedy movies, with several epic titles set for release in the months to come. Try the new Scooby-Doo Movie ‘Scoob’, or ‘Trolls World,’ to get your kids laughing and enjoying the car ride.

Old-school games

Sure we’ve got plenty of techy games for entertainment these days, but sometimes it’s nice to take things back to basics. Try the classic old-school car games that your parents played with you when you were young. A good game of I-Spy? Or perhaps 20 questions and rock paper scissors? Set your kids a challenge to count passing cars according to colours. The picnic game is another fun one for the car. It’s a memory game using the sentence, ‘ We’re going on a picnic, and we’re taking…’ Players have to add a new item each time they repeat the sentence, and try hard to remember them all!

Audio books

Audio Books for kids are a real lifesaver for car journeys, with so many entertaining options to pick, and many classic stories now available in audio form. One fantastic audiobook is ‘ The Enormous Crocodile & Other Stories’ by Roald Dahl. It’s all about a crafty croc with big plans to gobble children up, much to the distaste of the other jungle animals. Let your children choose their own audiobooks, so they are more likely to remain engaged.

Digital drawing 

Most kids love drawing, but it’s unlikely that you’ll love the coloured pencil stains on your nice car! A magic drawing pad is a great solution to keep your kids happy and ensure that your car stays clean. The Kids Magical 3D Drawing Board is a great drawing pad option. You could also try ‘Drawing Pad’ by Murtha Design, available in-app form. Encourage your children to play pictionary together, and offer car snacks as prizes to make it more exciting.

Using a few of these ideas, with any luck your children will stay happy in the car, allowing you to stay focused and keep them safe.

Prioritising safety 

Fit your car with additional safety features if possible, and research kid’s car seats to find a trusted brand. Use apps like ‘Car Minder’ to log and prioritise your car maintenance checks. If your vehicle is misbehaving despite regular services, it may be time for an upgrade. Hilton Car Supermark offers some great financing options on high quality used vehicles.

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Tips for keeping your kids entertained on long car journeys

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