Storage for Spring with Rattan Direct

Storage for Spring with Rattan Direct

I love storage, and different storage solutions. As far back as being pregnant two years ago we have been accumulating baby stuff. It seems to be ever growing and does not stop. We began with so many clothes, muslims, blankets and toys. Then a couple of months later our daughter grew out of all those clothes, and we needed to buy more or were given more. As she got older our house was gradually taken over with toys, books and colourful pieces of plastic.

In our house storage is at a premium. We live in a two bedroom flat and literally every single inch of remaining space is taken up with baby things, or our things that we have moved to make room for the baby stuff. I’m sure that you are nodding your head reading along to this. I knew that I needed to make some big changes to make our house feel more like a home, so no longer every cupboard was packed to the brim.

So when Rattan Direct contacted me to review one of their Rattan furniture solutions I was really excited. I chose the 5 drawer storage rack in rustic brown that would easily match our current furniture. The storage rack is stylish, solid and durable, with 5 rattan drawers. We have decided to place it in our bedroom which is one of our rooms where we are overflowing with clothes. This is mainly because I no longer have a spare room anymore as my overflow wardrobe.

Storage for Spring with Rattan Direct

The unit is tall and thin, and can easily fit into the corner of a room. The drawers are fairly deep and can accommodate your make-up, and a couple of jumpers, or your child’s toys. They are also really light in weight and our daughter likes to takes one out and use it to gather up her toys.

Storage for Spring with Rattan Direct

Overall I am really impressed with my 5 drawer storage rack from Rattan Direct, it looks great in our bedroom and matches our current furniture perfectly. I would definitely recommend this as a storage solution for your home.

I was offered this item in exchange for an honest review.

Claire  x

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