Cakes at a birthday picnic

Tips For Organising The Perfect Birthday Party

If you’ve got a child who is lucky enough to celebrate their birthday in summer, or even late spring, then organising a picnic could be a great way to celebrate. This is a fairly cheap option, allows you to invite plenty of guests of all ages and you can be creative to make it a memorable experience for everyone. Plenty of preparation is required to make it a truly special day and the following tips should ensure that’s the result.  

Choose a Good Location

Where you have the picnic can make or break the day. A lot will depend on how many people are invited, as you may need somewhere bigger than your back garden. You need somewhere with flat ground, good parking and toilets nearby. There are all sorts of perfect picnic spots, such as:

  • A local park
  • The beach
  • Country houses and grounds
  • Beside a lake
  • Your back garden

When you’ve chosen a location, check the weather forecast for that area. If it’s likely to rain, then maybe think of somewhere that has indoor accommodation just in case (or pack plenty of umbrellas!).

Prepare Food, Drinks and Storage

Food will be the star of the show and there are hundreds of fantastic picnic recipes and ideas out there. Sandwiches, scotch eggs, crisps, dips, the list is endless. Plan what you’ll need to cater for everyone, including any allergies or fussy eaters, and of course don’t forget the birthday cake. One thing that can be tricky is transporting all this food and drink to and from the picnic site. Using cool boxes is key, especially at the height of summer, but this can dry out sponge birthday cakes. Instead maybe consider a cheesecake or flapjack that will be eaten quickly and less affected by the hot weather.

Cakes at a birthday picnic

Ensure Comfort

A comfortable environment that suits all ages can mean taking along a variety of seating options. Portable deckchairs should be fine for the older generation, so they don’t have to struggle getting up or down, while the kids will be happy sat on a soft blanket. Avoid this getting damaged if the ground is wet by laying down some tarps on the ground and the blanket on top. For fussy attendees take a few pillows along too.

Plan the Entertainment

In between eating you’ll need to have some form of entertainment up your sleeves. Speakers for playing music (at a sociable level) are always good, while party games can range from classics such as ‘duck, duck, goose’ and hide and seek, to anything involving a ball. The great thing is you should have plenty of space for the kids to play any kind of game and let them run (kind of) wild.

Games at a birthday picnic

Remember to Stay Safe

There are always some uninvited visitors to any kind of picnic, whether it’s ants, wasps or pigeons. Keep lids on food when possible and take along some spray if you do start to get overrun. Putting out decoy food that is sweet can be a good way to move them away from the main picnic.

With these tips you should be able to easily arrange a fun birthday picnic for any child.  

It’s my daughter birthday this Summer and a birthday picnic would be great for her. I would love to hear your top tips for organising a perfect birthday picnic too!

Claire x

Tips for organising the perfect birthday party


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