Some of the different between each pregnancy

Some of the differences between each pregnancy (from my point of view)

Every pregnancy is different. Your later pregnancy may be completely different from your first, it could be better or worse. I have no scientific idea why, but it might be to do with whether you are expecting a boy or a girl, your hormones, whether you have other children to look after, and overall how you are treating the pregnancy.

I know for a fact that my second pregnancy is different to my first, and that could be down a number of reasons.

Firstly my first pregnancy was spent working in a busy advertising agency. Running around, commuting into central London, and making sure that projects were delivered on time. I barely had a chance to stop and think about it. This time round my days are spent at home with my toddler or working from home. Because of this I have been so much more aware of how tired I am, and it has been far easier to have a nap on the sofa, which is something I couldn’t do with my first. So with this in mind, your environment and working life at the time may play a vital role in how your feel during each pregnancy.

Secondly I am having a boy. I have no idea if this makes any difference or not. My first pregnancy was a girl, and by this point I had swollen feet and hands, my wedding and engagement rings were off, and I could no longer wear shoes. Luckily it was Summer and so it was easy to wear flip flops. With this pregnancy I have no swellings so far, although that could be because it is March and not the height of Summer. Nor have I developed the line that some ladies get down the middle of their tummy. So are swellings and the linea nigra associated with having a girl?

Some of the differences between each pregnancy

Thirdly I suffered a lot more during the first trimester in this current pregnancy. I often felt sick and tired all day long, and that feeling of nausea would return if I woke up at night. I was off my food, and could only really stomach pickled onion monster munch, and breadsticks with cream cheese. I think that my working environment also played a part in this. With my first I had to put on a brave face at work, and keep eating as normal so that no one suspect, whereas at least at home I could eat what I wanted and when I wanted. With this pregnancy there is simply no need to hide ginger biscuits in my handbag.

Lastly I am so much more relaxed. By this time during my first pregnancy I had lists, the nursery sorted, and our Bugaboo delivered. This time round I have no idea where anything else, no storage for the clothes, and nothing really for this baby. It’s a sad state of affairs, and I really must start getting organised and sort out that his nursery. I need to take some of my own advice and work through my list of must-have essentials for a second or later baby. It’s great to feel relaxed, although it does scare me how fast time is going and how soon it will be before the little man is here with us.

So with these points all in mind it’s clear that every pregnancy is different. Your working environment, whether you have other children to look after, and how you’re generally feeling about it, will all impact how you feel throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, and not to be sniffed at. For some it’s easy to fall pregnant, and for others it’s more difficult, with potential complications along the way. Whatever journey you’ve taken to get here, enjoy it as much as you can, even if you are feeling absolutely terrible. It will end, and it’s not forever, it just may feel like a long time at the time.

How did your later pregnancies compare to your first. Were they the same or did you notice any differences?

Claire x

Some of the differences between each pregnancy


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