When did I become too old to shop at Topshop

When did I become too old for Topshop

Do you remember spending hours on a Saturday afternoon with your friends in a Topshop changing room trying on so many different clothes, and coming away with one item. Or trying to find that must have dress for a night out that very evening. I certainly do, and it seems like a distant memory. I was trying to figure out the last time I visited Topshop, probably to look at their maternity wear, and I suddenly realised that I have become too old for Topshop.

Topshop saw me through my college days, and then my university days. On the first day of university our entire hall flat turned up wearing the same jeans. These were the days when boot cut jeans were in fashion, in fact I think I probably still have them somewhere in the depths of my wardrobe. Topshop was also the place I bought my first ever pair of skinny jeans from, and I’ve not looked back since (on Topshop that is, not skinny jeans).

So what happened. I got older and started shopping at places like Oasis, Zara and Whistles. I felt old walking into the Topshop against the group of teenage girls walking around, just like I did 16 years ago, and preferred to shop at places a little more suited to my age.

I also had a baby, I’m not saying that Topshop isn’t aimed at Mums, but the clothes just didn’t feel or look right on me. The tops were too short against my Mum tum revealing a little too much, and the shorts and skirts felt too short. Having a baby also meant that I preferred to shop at places I could walk to with the buggy instead of jumping on the tube, and this included H&M, and dare I say it M&S (you’d be surprised they actually have some pretty nice stuff in there).

However today something happened I took a little peak at the Topshop website, I’m not sure what made me do it, maybe to revisit my youth, or to see what is in fashion at the moment as I’ve not been shopping in so long. I feel a little out of touch. I must say there is pretty nice stuff in Topshop at the moment. There are still many items that wouldn’t suit me or feel too young for me, but here’s a little selection that I’ve found that I love:

Lace Peplum Shell Top – £39.00

Lace Trim Ditsy Floral Tea Dress – £34.00

Rose Prom Skirt – £68.00

Polka Dot Print Shirt – £30.00

I am loving these MOTO Let Hem Down Skinny Jeans – £40.00

So maybe Topshop for a woman approaching her mid 30s with a 2 year old in tow isn’t too young for me after all. Maybe I’ll make plans to head to the giant branch on Oxford Street this weekend, although the thought of the queue for the changing rooms is already filling me with dread, so maybe I’ll stick to online shopping.

Were you an avid Topshop fan way back before children, and do you still shop there now?

Claire x

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