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Creating the perfect home office

A home office is something that I have dreamed about since I started working from home last year. I need the space to sit, for my laptop, and for my books and paperwork. However not having the space in our current two bedroom flat is frustrating, and I am itching for our house sale and purchase to complete, so that finally I can have some space that I can call my home office. Until then I’ve been busy looking at how to create the perfect home office, how to style it, and whether to make a room a home office or just simply use a corner of room. So with this in mind here are my tips on how to create the perfect home office.

  • Think about where in your home you would like your home office to be. I’m currently considering this to be a corner of our bedroom for a number of reasons. It’s light. It has enough space for a desk and chair. It has easy access to a cupboard in the eaves of the roof where any of my blog products can be stored out of sight. Plus it has a view over South East London. Or you could dedicate an entire room to a home office depending on how much space you need, and how many spare rooms you have.
  • Having been browsing the internet for a while now looking at desk furniture, there are so many stylish desks available. This could be a stand alone desk, or stacked shelving with a desk incorporated, or an L-shaped desk. The list is endless. I am a huge fan of white desks, or those with a glass top, or those with copper trimmings. I am currently thinking about a grey, pink and copper theme, so anything with a copper trimming works perfectly.
  • Depending on where your home office is going to be and how long you’ll be sitting working, you will need a good chair. This could be an office chair and there are many that you can find on this website https://www.officemonster.co.uk/office-chairs-1 which has a huge range of comfortable desk chairs to support your back and posture. I’m planning for my desk to be part of our bedroom, I need our home office area to not look too “officy” and instead it needs to work with the room. I love the comfy armchair style of chairs at the moment, with a velvet finish and a soft throw over the top which would look great in a bedroom.
  • You need to think practically as well. Is your desk near to enough power sockets, or can you run an extension lead to you desk area. You will need power for your laptop or computer, your phone, a light, and if you choose to have any other electrical items on your desk such as a radio, so make sure you have enough sockets for everything that you need.

Home Office

  • If space is restricted consider using the wall in front of your desk to your advantage. Use this wall for shelving and for a metal grid where you can easily attach notes and letters too with clips. I know that you can purchase copper metal grids and this would work perfectly with my theme.
  • Next up is to think about lighting. If you’re a night owl like me then you will definitely need a good lamp as there is no point in working in half darkness or to the light of your phone. If you’re using a corner of your bedroom you can buy reading lights that won’t illuminate the full room keeping your partner awake. Or you could opt for something more stylish that matches your theme.
  • Lastly make sure you have all the accessories you need. Do you have enough pens, paper, bin, and paperclips etc. Again all of these can work with the style of your home office. They can be beautiful or as “officy” as you like.

Home Office Accessories

I’m really looking forward to moving and creating the perfect home for me and my family with stylish furniture throughout. I hope that these tips have been useful, and I will definitely be putting these in place.

Have you recently created your home office, as I would love to hear if you have any insights and ideas?

Claire x

How to create the perfect home office

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  • Jon Muller

    Wonderful tips, Claire, these are very useful. I am looking to get my home office all set up and going this month. The first thing I worry about is having the right furniture, I’m going to spend a lot of time sitting there and I want to be confortable. I’ve also read that decorating with plants is perfect for an office, they’ll brighten up the place.

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