What Mother's Day means to me

What Mother’s Day means to me

When I was growing up I didn’t realise how much love my parents had for me when I was born and growing up as a child. I certainly never really appreciated it until I was old enough to understand. Maybe that wasn’t until my teenage years had passed, or until I had a child of my own. Becoming a Mother was life changing and life defining for me. It made me hugely appreciate my parents and family. I could not have got through the very early days without them, or even now. I am also hugely thankful for having a year off work on maternity leave to care for daughter and to see her grow up in her first year. So I’ve decided to dedicate this post to what Mother’s Day means to me.

Mother’s Day for me is not just about receiving a beautiful gift or flowers. It’s about appreciation. Feeling appreciated and recognised for all the hard work, determination and love that I have dedicated over the past year to my daughter. On the flip side it’s also about showing appreciation and love for my Mum who has spent the best part of her life looking out for me, and continuing to care, worry and love.

This Mother’s Day I will not worry or be disappointed if I do not receive a gift from my daughter, although secretly inside I may be a little gutted. This Mother’s Day I want to spend the day with my daughter and husband relaxing at a National Trust property (that makes me sound old), in the sunshine (I wish), enjoying a day out and exploring new places, that hopefully ends with tea and cake.

I have so far been lucky to have received a handmade card from my daughter that she made at nursery earlier this week. I was so impressed that she managed to stick the pieces of tissue paper to the card. It means a lot as it’s my first handmade Mother’s Day card. In fact it probably meant more than receiving a shop brought card, as it’s one of the first times I’ve seen her Arts and Crafts skills. This card will be something that I treasure forever in her memory box.

On this Mother’s Day I won’t be seeing my Mum as she’s on holiday, but on her return I’ll be making sure that there’s a card on her doormat and a treat for her in the post as she likes a surprise. The underlying sentiment of this is making her feel appreciated and special, showing that I am eternally grateful for everything that she has done for me.

Not only that but being a Mother has also made me realise how much support us Mums need when we have a child. I am lucky enough to say that I have a few Mum tribes – my university friends with babies, my NCT friends, and my blogging friends. All of who have have been and still are very supportive. So not only is Mother’s Day about celebrating being a Mum, it’s also about celebrating other women. Women that I would never have got through the past 20 months without.

So this Mother’s Day I will be raising a glass to being a Mum, my Mum, my Mother-in-Law, my Mum friends, and also to every other Mother. We are all winners and deserve the appreciation and recognition.

Happy Mother’s Day

Claire x

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  • Wendy

    Aww this is lovely. I too never really appreciated how much my parents loved me until I had a child of my own. I hope you had a wonderful mothers day with your daughter, we love exploring National Trust places too. Congratulations this post was linked up as someone’s favourite to #BlogCrush xx

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