Enjoy child free time with Bubble Babysitting

Enjoy some child free time with bubble

We all need a little bit of child free time. That could be a couple of hours with your partner to go out for dinner and drinks. Or to go to the gym, or to enjoy an afternoon with the girls having afternoon tea or cocktails. I know that I really appreciate and look forward to that time. One of the things that I find tricky is getting quality with my husband away from the house without the little one. We knew that the only option would be to use a babysitter as we have no family near us, and we did wonder how we would ever find someone to look after our daughter. That’s where bubble can help.

What is bubble?

It’s an app. You book your trusted babysitter through the app, just like you would order that ham and cheese pizza from Just Eat, or your Uber taxi to take you to East Dulwich. Simples. The lovely founders of bubble; 2 dads decided to set up this service as they were fed up with how difficult it is to find a babysitter.

Enjoy child free time with Bubble Babysitting

Here’s how bubble works: 

  • You download the app for free from the Apple or Play Store and sign up. You will need to give your address details so the app can find sitters in your area. You’ll also need to give your payment details too, so once you do book a sit you can pay for it.
  • You then select a date and time, and duration of the sit. Easy.
  • The app then presents you with all the sitters that are available, their price, their reviews and what level of identity and security checks they’ve had (I’ll go into that later).
  • You can select as many sitters as want, they will let you know if they are available or not. The first sitter that confirms gets the job. I quite like the competitive nature of this.
  • Your sitter will then arrive at your chosen time, babysit whilst you go out and you drink as many glasses of prosecco as you can in 3 hours!
  • You just need to remember to start and stop the sit on the app, or the sitter does this. Really easy. You are then charged for the time (to the minute) that the sitter is working for you.
  • You’ll then be asked to write a nice review, which is great for all the sitters and helps to build up trust in bubble sitters in your local area. This is great for all your friends who are looking to find sitters.

Now I mentioned trust earlier, and I can really understand how parents could be concerned about whether the babysitters are safe and if they trust to leave their child in their care. All bubble sitters have had an online identity check and online security check. I’ve also found that a lot of sitters are DBS checked, and this is clearly stated on the App when you select your sitter.

We’ve used bubble three times now, and I can honestly says it’s brilliant. Our sitters (we’ve used two different people) have arrived on time, have been polite and asked lots of questions on what to do should our daughter wake up. Fortunately she has never woken up and I feel reassured that bubble sitters would be able comfort her and get her back off to sleep again.

Enjoy child free time with Bubble Babysitting

We have been really happy with bubble. I love the convenience of it and being able to book a sitter at a relatively short notice, we even had one sit where we booked the sitter a couple of hours in advance. The cost of a bubble sitter is the sitters hourly rate of about £10 per hour (which goes directly to the sitter) and a flat fee of £3.50 that goes to bubble.

It’s been a lifesaver having bubble, and it’s great that my husband and I are able to go out for dinner and drinks again. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service to any parent.

For now it is only London based. But, if SE4 can do bubble then the rest of London definitely can.

Would you be tempted to use bubble? If so let me know and I might be able to sort you out with a little discount code 😉

Claire x

I was offered 3 hours of bubble sitting in exchange for this honest review.

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