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How men really perceive women on a first date

I remember my first date with my husband, that was over 10 years ago, but I remember stressing about what I was going to wear, how I would do my make up and whether my hair looked good. It must have worked out well as we’ve been together since then, and married for the last 4 years. But it got me thinking about how men perceive women on their first date, and what they really think.

Recently River Island carried out a survey on 3,000 men on their experience of a first date, and I was quite surprised by the results. The first revelation was that 79% of men think that women test them on their first date. This is a really high statistic and one that is quite sad in a way. It’s sad that men actually feel this way having been on a date, maybe the rise of social media and being able to stalk your date beforehand leads to this. Whatever happened to getting to know each other in the good old fashioned way, by finding out about each other, what you do, how you grew up, and finding out about friends and family.

79% of men think that women test them on a first date

Let’s flip it around, knowing that 79% of men feel like this after their first date, a possible solution for lowering this number is to make your date feel wild for you. One way to do this is using pheromones for women to help attract men to you, allowing you to meet the man of your dreams, and for your date to feel less anxious that they are being tested or played.

Another fact highlighted as part of this survey was that 50% of men didn’t notice if their date had just had their haircut. This would only be the case if this was a second or third date, but does it really matter. I know that my husband doesn’t really notice when I have my haircut, although he sees me everyday – so he should notice. However he did notice the other night that I had washed my hair. So men do notice, but just not all the time. I certainly don’t think it’s anything to get hung up over ladies.

50% of men didn’t notice if their date had her hair cut

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When I was at university and trying to impress, I would, along with my friends, wear push up bras. However it’s been revealed that only 9% of men actually notice if a women is wearing one. Does this mean that push-up bras don’t work? Or does it mean that men actually don’t care what your boobs looks like in that pencil dress. So ladies it might be time to put those push-up bras to one side.

Only 9% of men actually notice if you’re wearing a push-up bra

The final statistic was that 49% of men prefer a women to wear a dress on their first date. I agree with this, but I did think that this statistic would be higher. However there are now so many different ways you can make a pair of skinny jeans look fancy, teaming up with a sparkly top, gorgeous heels and a fancy bag. Plus sometimes that’s a little more comfortable than being freezing cold in a dress and tights. Also it depends on where the date is happening. If for example you’re going bowling or the cinema a woman may prefer to wear jeans and flat shoes.

49% of men would prefer for their date to wear a dress on their first date

So there you have it, that’s what men really think about women on their first date. Have you had a similar experience when you’ve been on a first date. Have you over considered what you would wear, and how your hair should look. Or been known to wear a push-up bra like me in 2001. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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