Playing on the climbing frame at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest

You at 28 months

Wow I am late to the party with this blog post, you will be 29 months old next week. It just goes to show how busy our lives have been recently. Anyway back to you at 28 months. What? How? When did you become 28 months old? It only feels like yesterday that you were a baby, which Facebook keeps reminding on a daily basis by sharing a picture from 2 years ago. I honestly think that in the last month I have seen the most change from you which has been good but also posed a few niggles along the way.

  • If there was one word to describe you at the moment it would be “Demanding”. You are constantly demanging milk, babyccino, biscuit, orange, banana, milk, babyccino. The latest is now “Mummy I need a babyccino”. Have I got a little diva living in my house, and when did you learn to love a babyccino so much. It must be a London thing.
  • You have returned a little bit to your frustrated self again. I thought that we were over this phase. However walks in the buggy are turning into a little bit of a drama often with your biscuit being launched across the road, or your hat being thrown to the floor. I know that this is only a phase and that it will pass, I just hope it passes soon.
  • A big change happened this week as we have moved you from gro-bag to toddler bedding. I’m really pleased with this change as it was getting really hard to get you into a gro-bag, and you felt a little too old for them now. You’ve adapted to the change well, and know how to use your pillow, just not your duvet cover. However I’m secretly enjoying sneeking into your room and tucking you back in every coupe of hours.
  • You have a new found love for nursery. After weeks of hating it and not wanting to go, you love it now. And, I have been informed that you are like a teacher, bossing the other children around and singing to them. Sometimes it’s difficult to drag you away from the place when I pick you up.

Looking at the reindeer Christmas display at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest

  • At the moment you either want Mummy or Daddy. If you’re upset and Daddy is around, you want Mummy, and vice versa. It’s nice but I know that this is just something that every two year goes through.
  • You’re beginning to really understand what Christmas is, and understand the concept of a present. Sometimes you have been known to ask me for a present, or ask a relative for one. I’m sure that there will be the biggest smile on your face on Christmas morning, and I can’t wait to see it.
  • The park is a new obsession of yours. No longer is the “park park” the place where you always want to be. You want to be in the park, running around, exploring trees, and going into bushes. I quite like this as it makes a change from watching you play on the pirate ship or the train (that you often get stuck in).
  • Food is still a weird one for you. You eat everything at nursery, but eat very little at home. Having said that over the last of couple of days your appetite has increased, and a little birdy informed me you love Cottage Pie. That turns out to be part true, you love the meat, just not the potato.
  • You had a lovely short break to Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest. You loved chasing your cousins around, having breakfast with them, playing football and seeing all the Christmas decorations.

It’s been a lovely month with you, and I can’t wait to see how December turns out… that you know what Christmas is all about. I think that we are going to fun with our Elf on the Shelf and you will love opening your first advent calendar.

Mummy x

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