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Making learning languages fun with LingoTot

How old were you when you first started learning your first foreign language? Were you in primary school or were you in secondary school? For me I didn’t start to learn languages until I started secondary school, and I remember it feeling very alien to me. Yes, I had the basics in French that I had picked up from my parents whilst we holidayed there, so I knew simple words like “bonjour” and “merci”. However I had no skills in speaking or writing another language until I was at least 12 years old.

Research has shown that is far too late for children to start learning languages, and it should happen as early in their life as possible, giving them the best chance of learning and retaining a language successfully, and that is where LingoTot can help.

What is LingoTot?

LingoTot is a multi-award winning company who specialise at making language learning fun for children age 0 – 11 years old. It may seem that asking a child to learn a language from the age of 0 is a huge ask. However think about how quickly they learn to speak English, and then think about how quickly they can learn to speak another language at the same time. Teaching children languages from a young age really is the perfect time to start learning.

LingoTot teachers teaching children

There are so many LingoTot centres all over the country, so there is bound to be one near you. The vision of LingoTot is to help children with language skills in a fun and interactive way, avoiding the traditional “talk and chalk” approach that you get in schools, and you will often find LingoTot going into schools and community classes to do just that. LingoTot Bexley is my nearest centre and I am delighted to be featuring them and Sarah (who runs it) on my blog.

Benefits for your child of learning languages with LingoTot

There are so many benefits for your child to learn languages early in life, rather than wait until they are taught in school.

  • Your child’s brain is like a sponge from the moment that they are born. They are picking up new skills all the time, which is why starting them early is vital.
  • Children learn through copying and repetition. So by repeating phrases to them, this again will boost their chances of learning and retaining a new language, which is how LingoTot approach their learning methods.
  • Children also love to have fun and get interactive. LingoTots approach to learning is just that – it’s fun and interactive with singing, dancing and rhyming, steering away from the traditional classroom methods. I am pretty sure that my daughter would love to learn a language this way. In fact she probably wouldn’t even know that she was subconsciously learning a new language at all.
  • LingoTot offer a range of languages for your child including French, Spanish, German and Chinese, so there is bound to be something for you. You could choose a language based on your family needs or where you usually go to on holiday.

Sarah teaching at LingoTot Bexley

Why LingoTot Bexley? 

If you live in South East London, have young children and babies, and are keen for them to learn a second language I would thoroughly recommend that you give LingoTot Bexley a try. As I mentioned earlier in the post it is run by Sarah who is a local mum and is extremely passionate about children and babies learning languages. Sarah offers classes for children and babies aged 0 – 11 years old in Spanish, French and German, and hopes to expand to teach Mandarin and Arabic.

The LingoTot Bexley business is growing and held a very successful interactive Easter Launch Party last weekend that had a great turn out of over 90 people. So if you would like to share in the language learning excitement with your child or baby, starting them early with learning languages, go and give LingoTot Bexley a try, or any other LingoTot centre in the UK.

Claire x

How to make learning languages fun with LingoTot


This is a collaborative post with LingoTot Bexley. 

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  • kimberly


    Wow great initiative for children, I must say it is appreciatable.
    I always encourage to learn new languages at an early age so that it is easy to communicate when you interact with different nationals.
    Keep sharing more with us.

    Take Care

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