Beating the pregnancy stretchmarks with Colief

Beating the pregnancy stretch marks with Colief

Pregnancy stretch marks are really common, and they are something that every pregnant lady will try to prevent from happening. Stretch marks are those red or purple lines that appear on your skin as your baby bump grows to accommodate your growing baby. Although they are not nice to look at, they are part of the parcel of growing of baby. But that doesn’t mean you should accept them. Instead find ways to beat those pregnancy stretch marks and Colief have an ideal product to do just that: the Colief Mum To Be Moisturising Cream.

So why do stretch marks appear during pregnancy?

They are normal and they shouldn’t be something that you worry about during pregnancy, instead enjoy your pregnancy. They appear because the collagen underneath your skin may tear as your skin stretches due to your growing baby.

I am 32 weeks pregnant and I suffered with a few stretch marks particularly underneath my belly button when I was pregnant with my first child. I had no idea that they were there until my daughter was born, and gradually over time they faded and have virtually disappeared.

This time round I’m determined for them not to reappear, or at least for no new stretch marks to appear. Unfortunately I don’t think I will know this until after the baby is born as it wasn’t until after my first pregnancy that I could see them.

To prevent them I have been using the Colief Mum To Be Moisturising Cream for a couple of weeks now. I can honestly say that it feels amazing to moisturise into your skin. I have tried and tested many stretch mark preventative creams and oils in the past, all of which leave my skin feeling greasy, making putting clothes on for a while after applying tricky, or they can feel quite dry on my skin.

The Colief Mum To Be cream is different. It glides onto my skin, and is easily absorbed. I find that I’m not having to use loads to cover my bump or thighs. Plus it dries really quickly, meaning I haven’t got to prance about in the bathroom waiting for the cream to soak in before getting dressed. It also smells pretty good too!

What’s so good about Colief Mum To Be cream?

All of the above points, as well as relieving dryness and nourishing your skin. During your pregnancy if you get that itchy skin feeling (that’s pretty normal) it means that your skin is getting too dry. To relieve it just simply massage the cream into your skin every time you have a bath or shower, especially during the later phases of your pregnancy as your bump continues to expand. You should be using the cream at least twice a day.

After my last pregnancy once I discovered I had stretch marks I continued to use stretch mark creams for about a further six months to try to reduce their appearance as much as possible. Colief recommend that you do the same with the Mum To Be cream as it will certainly help your skin to recover and heal after birth too. I know that I will definitely continue to use the cream once the little man arrives.

This all sounds good, where can I purchase Colief Mum To Be cream?

The cream is available to buy in Boots and most pharmacies nationwide for £9.99

As you can tell I am really impressed so far with the cream, and fingers crossed it does what it says. I have another 8 weeks to go and I am already feeling huge. I know that my skin has a lot more stretching to do as my bump accommodates this every growing baby. Fingers crossed it doesn’t end up being a 10lb baby as my daughter was 9lb 4oz!

How else can Colief help me?

Once the baby is here we will also consider using other products in the Colief range (if we need to) including Baby Scalp Oil and Infant Drops. Both of these products may have helped us with our first born who suffered from flaky skin on her scalp and also from the dreaded colic where she screamed and she screamed for hours after a feed.

Colief Baby Products including Baby Scalp Oil and Infant Drops

Colic is terrible. It’s awful for the baby, but terrible for the parents, and it’s often worse in the evenings when you are tired. We tried everything from medicines, to cycling her legs after each feed. Eventually as your baby’s digestive system matures, they will adjust to the lactose in the milk, and the screaming should subside, but that doesn’t make it any easier for new, tired, exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed mums. I know that if we encounter the same thing this time round, I will be adding a few drops to her breastmilk or formula.

So if you’re currently pregnant I would really recommend that you try Colief Mum To Be moisturising cream on your baby bump throughout the rest of your pregnancy and beyond, and also stock up on Baby Scalp Oil and Infant Drops too, both of which should help your baby once he or she arrives.

Claire x

How to beat the pregnancy stretch marks

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  • EssexKate | Counting To Ten

    I had only heard of their drops for colic before so it’s interesting to hear they do other products. I didn’t get many stretch marks in my pregnancies until right at the end. I don’t know if it was from using lots of cream and oil or if my skin was just stretchy

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