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The must-have essentials for a second baby

I remember my first pregnancy and being really organised. I had to-do-lists, hospital bag lists, and a very long list of what we needed to create a nursery alongside every thing else you need for a newborn baby. This time round I am so much more relaxed. In fact I don’t even have a list or plan. This is because we have most items and also because I have a toddler on my hands. However there are a few essential items that I now need this time round. So, here’s my list of must-have essentials for your second, third or fourth baby.

Bugaboo Buggy Board

Our daughter will be nearly three when our little one arrives. She pretty much wants to walk everywhere now, or use her scooter or balance bike. However we still have days when I need to use the buggy with her, but there is no point in buying a double buggy. Instead I will be purchasing a board for our Bugaboo Cameleon which will give us the option for her to walk and then jump on the board when she’s feeling tired and can’t be bothered to walk.

Bugaboo Buggy Board


With our first we used a moses basket with a stand for all day-time naps and sleeping during the night. I found the moses basket to be ok, however we didn’t use it for very long as my daughter quickly outgrew it (she was a long baby). So, she was in her cot bed at 4 months old. This time round my daughter will still be in her cotbed as it converts to a toddler bed, so we will need something more substantial for the little one.

I would love a SnuzPod in grey to match the decor in our house. They are a great size, can sit flush next to your bed, and have the ability to rock as well. Plus they look great too!

We will still use our moses basket, but I can see this being used downstairs as more of a day-bed for our little one.

Grey SnuzPod


Etta Loves Muslins

I love these muslins. Who wouldn’t? The Etta Loves muslins are all gorgeous and very handily they are designed to help improve your baby’s vision. When baby’s are first born they cannot see any further than 30 centimetres, so it’s important that we start to train their vision and cognitive development early on. The muslins for newborns feature a black and white print which your baby is attracted too, and as they get older you can start experimenting with the more colourful prints.

They also look a really nice size as well, doubling up as a scarf for you if you’re breastfeeding, or a floor mat to lay your baby down.

Etta Loves Muslins

Britax – Romer Baby-Safe i-size car seat

For our first we borrowed a Maxi Cosy Cabiofix car seat and no longer have this. This time round we have opted for the Britax-Romer Baby-Safe i-size car seat. I love all the colours in the range, but colour isn’t important. What’s great about this car seat is that it can be used from birth up to 15-months old. It features lie-flat technology for safety and comfort, which is better for newborns whose muscles are not developed enough to support sitting up. As your baby develops you can adjust the headrest which will adjust the lying position as well.

I can’t wait to start using this. Plus it will handily clip onto our Bugaboo Cameleon as well, so there will be no need to transfer a sleeping newborn into the pram or car.


Britax-Romer Baby-safe i-size car seat

Minbie Bottles

I’ve heard really good things about these Minbie Bottles. Just like our first I intend to breastfeed our new baby. However this time round I would love our Son to take a bottle as well, so that I have a little breathing space. We had so many difficulties trying to get our daughter to take a bottle. I must have tried every bottle brand, warm milk, cold milk, formula……but nothing worked, even though she had a bottle everyday for the first three weeks.

The Minbie bottles look like they could revolutionise my life especially if I have another baby who refuses the bottle. They are designed to avoid nipple confusion, as the baby drinks the same way as they would from the boob. With this in mind I will definitely be getting a few of these.

LovJoy Bibs

We needed bibs from Day One with our daughter as she was teething pretty much from the day that she was born. The dribble was endless and I got through many bibs in a day, plus she developed horrendous dribble rash caused by the wet material up against her neck.

I then discovered LovJoy bibs, which were amazing. They each have a fleece back that remains dry, and therefore the fabric will not rub against the skin, nor cause dribble rash. I will definitely be getting more of these for our little man.

LovJoy Bibs


I have heard and seen amazing things about these Groswaddle’s from The Gro Company. They are designed to help your baby feel safe and snug, just like they did in the womb, and hopefully aid sleep.

I remember that our daughter had moro reflux in the early days where they flail their arms out, and this would very much wake her up every time. As a soon-to-be Mum of two I will need all the sleep I can get, so I’m hoping that a Groswaddle will help me with that.


So that’s my list of must-have essentials for a second baby. There are loads of clothes that we need to buy, however for now the basic sleepsuit and baby-gro will do.

What was on your list for your second? Is there anything that you would really recommend? I would love to hear from you.

Claire x




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  • Buheri

    I like your list. It is precise eases the panic first time moms get.My first pregnancy I bought so many things that I hardly used when my babies arrived but now with the second pregnancy I am a bit cautious and not overwhelming myself

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