Learning first aid with Daisy First Aid Greenwich

I had no idea how to do any basic first aid. I may have practised the recovery position when I was at school but that was about it. I didn’t know how to resuscitate anyone, nor did I know what to do if my child was choking which is rather worrying when I have a three year daughter and a baby who is about to start weaning. So when I was contacted by the lovely Carolyn who runs Daisy First Aid Greenwich to join one of her first aid events I couldn’t say no. Plus it was an excuse to escape the house, although I had to bring the baby along as he is totally rejecting the bottle at the moment, but luckily Daisy First Aid welcome all children under the age of 1.

Carolyn, a mum of two children and also a paramedic, runs the Greenwich franchise of Daisy First Aid. She has heaps of knowledge and knows exactly how to bring someone back to life. Her ambition is to beat the resuscitation rates of Norway!

Putting Helen Scummy Mummy into the recovery position

The event was held at Space at 61 which is a short hop from my house, and it was attended by local influencers including the fabulous Ellie and Helen who are the Scummy Mummies, Marcella at S.E Sussed, and Shona the face behind Space at 61. On arrival I was greeted with friendly smiles, Marks & Sparks biscuits and a good bit of chit-chat which was well and truly needed after a full-on day with the toddler and baby.

The session lasted 2 hours which is the duration of all courses that Carolyn runs whether at a planned local event or in the home environment for a group of people. During this two hour session we learnt how to resuscitate someone who wasn’t breathing, how to put someone into the recovery position, and how to use a defibrillator. I didn’t know that you didn’t shock a person with a ‘flat line’ which is always  wrong on TV, Casualty eat your heart out.

Fake adults and children to practise CPR on

We learnt that the basics of CPR include 30 chest compressions followed by two full breaths, and that this should be continued until the ambulance arrives. You can make sure that you do the full 30 chest compressions by singing the intro to Nelly The Elephant twice. You can imagine what I went home singing that evening. If you’re doing CPR on an adult you need to use the palm of both hands with your hands locked together, on a child you use one hand, and on a baby use two fingers or your thumb.

Me doing CPR

In addition to CPR we learnt all about what to do if someone is choking and how you would attempt to dislodge food from an adult, child and baby. We tested this by wearing what resembled a nerf gun and whacking your chest so that the nerf gun fired the foam bullet, or imaginary food. As you can imagine with the Scummy Mummies in the room this was hilarious.

Defibrillators are also something to never be afraid of. Have a look around and you will see them. They pretty much do all the work for you, and tell you exactly what you need to do should you ever have to use them. Just make sure that you are not touching the person when the defibrillator shocks them otherwise you will get a shock yourself.

Carolyn with the defibrillator pads

We also found out about sepsis, a horrible thing that kills thousands of people each year in the UK. Sepsis is an infection in your bloodstream which can take hold and become fatal. Sorry to scare you. If you think that you have sepsis or are septic make sure that you are very firm with your GP or hospital to give you antibiotics or the proper treatment to treat it. Sepsis is not something to be ignored, and if you have any doubt in your mind please get a second opinion.

The two hour session run by Carolyn was brilliant. It was formal in the sense that first aid is serious and that we need to understand how to do it, but it was taught in an informal and chatty way. Carolyn instantly made us all feel at ease and she is the ideal candidate to teach the basics of first aid in either the home environment or at the classes held at local venues.

Daisy First Aid certificate

The host at home is a 2 hour paediatric first course for 4 of more people, and costs just £25 per person. This is well worth it and I am offering 20% off all host at home classes with Carolyn at Daisy First Aid Greenwich. All you need to do is drop Carolyn an email on and quote Pramshed 20.

I would definitely recommend these classes for anyone with small children, babies, newborn babies or expectant mothers to take this course. They are ideal for a group of local Mums, whether that’s your NCT group or your yoga group to get together and learn together. They are fundamental and will definitely help reassure you. Plus make you feel more confident on what you do if your child starts to choke or showing signs of choking during weaning.

The courses all over the country, so there is bound to be one near you. More information about Daisy First Aid can be found on their website, and the courses that Carolyn offers can be found here.

Thank you to Carolyn and Daisy First Aid for offering us this 2 hour first aid course. I found it really useful and I really enjoyed myself at the same time.

Claire x





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