Budget friendly baby shopping what you need to know

Budget-Friendly Baby Shopping: What You Need to Know

The news that you are going to have a baby will bring you immense happiness. All prospective mothers go through what is called the nesting period, showing an interest in baby clothes, beds and various other items. The baby industry is thriving but this does not mean we should give into the whole “you need it” business.

In this article, we will teach you how to shop for your baby, and stick within the desired budget. It is easy to fall prey to temptation and buy items that might seem necessary, only to discover you did not really need them in the first place. Use our tips and get all of the essentials, without spending a lot of money.

Baby clothes

The stores are filled to the brim with the most adorable baby clothes, and it can be quite difficult to refrain from buying them all. You have to be practical and think about the fact that babies do not need so many clothes, especially since they grow so fast. Consider getting several onesies, blouses and pants, a sweater, socks and sleep suits. Adapt as your baby grows and get only the basics.

Baby clothes, sleepsuits, onesies, baby gros are all items that you should be considering buying when baby shopping

Accessories for feeding

If your baby is breastfed, the only thing you will need is a pump (just in case). For formula, you will have to buy the actual milk, bottles and teats. You might also want to invest in a steam sterilizer, but the good news is that there are plenty of used ones available that you can buy second-hand. Additional items to consider include: bottle brush, bibs and cloths/towels for burping. Once your child turns six months old, consider a highchair – this can also be purchased second-hand, in quite good conditions.


A newborn baby will be satisfied with sleeping close to his/her parents, and a baby cot creates the perfect choice. You can also opt for a carrycot, which can be attached to a pram, or a Moses basket, if you are looking to spend a little bit more. As babies quickly outgrow these, you can find one that has been used in a perfect condition. Don’t forget the sheets and blankets, and a plastic protector for the mattress. As the baby grows, you can purchase an age-appropriate bed.

Create a safe haven for your baby to sleep in during the day and at night

Bath time

For bath time, you can buy one of those plastic baby baths. These are perfect for someone who is budget-conscious. You might also want to get a stand, as this will prevent the undesirable back pain associated with giving your baby a bath. Opt for quality washcloths and a body wash that contains only natural ingredients. You can use the latter on your baby’s hair as well. 


All babies need nappies. But they do not necessarily need an expensive changing table. The padded changing mat is an effective alternative, along with the plastic cover to avoid accidents. With regard to nappies and baby wipes, many companies offer free samples; you can use these to determine the one that fits your baby the best. Once you know, you can purchase nappies in bulk and save a lot of money. Online stores often have attractive prices. The other option is cloth nappies, but not everyone is comfortable with using them. 

Baby toys are really important for your child's development and play


You might be tempted to get all sorts of toys for your newborn baby, but, in reality, he/she only needs you. If you do want to buy something, a rattle in bright colors and perhaps a soft toy would be enough. You might also consider a mobile for the baby cot, and you can really get one used, for an attractive price. A baby gym and chew toys represent suitable choices for older babies, and they can be purchased without wasting your entire budget.


Even though this might seem like a splurge, it actually isn’t. Your baby will only be a baby for a little while and it would be a shame not to have some professional photographs made. You can set aside a part of your budget for baby photos, and it is guaranteed you won’t have any regrets. Over the years, you will come to treasure those photos, find it hard to believe how much your baby has grown.

So these are some of the essential things to know when it comes to budget-friendly baby shopping. Keep in mind that our babies need us, first and foremost, and then the things we provide for them. Love your baby and he/she will grow and thrive, turning into an amazing child and later adult.

Claire x

Budget friendly baby shopping what you need to know



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