Rocking Motherhood

Why I’m Rocking Motherhood

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to the nominated for the White Camelias Why I’m Rocking Motherhood tag by Lianne at Mrs Mummy Harris, and Mums Wine HQ. Being a Mum, or Dad is super hard. It’s something that we rarely give ourselves credit for, or something we often put ourselves down about. So to reverse the negativity, lack of sleep, and worry that comes with parenting, I’m focusing here on why I’m Rocking Motherhood to let the positives of being a Mum or Dad shine through.

Here’s my top 10 reasons on why I’m rocking this thing called Motherhood:

Sleep training or surviving the 4-month sleep regression

I still look back at this period of my life and it fills me with despair just thinking about it. I don’t think I slept for 3-months. However with a LOT of Googling, and reading sleep training books, I successfully managed to get my daughter to go to sleep by herself, and no longer wake every hour at night. It was a slow process, but well worth it as she’s a great sleeper now.


We’ve been so lucky to have taken our daughter to so many different places in the last 18-months. She’s been to Wales a couple of times, Center Parcs twice, Spain and St Lucia. All our holidays have been fantastic, and she’s experienced so many new things whilst we’ve been away (I hope), as well as having quality time together.

Return to work

The return to work is never easy after having year off on maternity. It was so tricky going back to work, and having to leave my daughter in nursery. However I’ve been back at work for 6-months, and we are in a good routine now I would say. It was challenging at first having to fit in the nursery run, and pick ups, leaving the office at five, and juggling it all. But I now feel like I’ve mastered it, I wouldn’t say I’m a pro, but we’re getting there. My decision to go from full-time to 4-days a week, was a good decision, as the balancing act between work and family is so much better.


My recovery after a 60-hour induced labour that ended in a c-section was brutal. I have never experienced so much pain before, everything was difficult to do for weeks, including walking. All I needed was to sleep and rest, which I obviously couldn’t as I had a newborn baby. I just had to grin and bear it, suck it up. Paracetamol was my friend for weeks.

NCT friends

I have a brilliant set of friends from my NCT group, and I feel so lucky that we all managed to see each other every week on maternity leave, and are still great friends today. During the early days of having a newborn baby they were a rock for me, as well as being an excuse to get out of the house to drink coffee and eat cake.

Setting up a blog

My blog is something I’m really proud of. I’m so happy to have set it up last year, as I really wasn’t sure at first when I first hit publish. However i’m so pleased that I am still managing it 13-months later, and continuing to manage it with a baby and going back to work.


Putting my daughter in nursery last year was heartbreaking after spending every day with her for a year. I won’t forget the first day I had to leave her and go for my KIT day in work. However we all have to make sacrifices, and putting her into nursery has been absolutely brilliant for her. She loves it, she is socialising and learning so much too.


Being a Mum means you have to be organised. I think that since becoming a Mum I’m more organised than ever. My list writing is ridiculous, I even have a to-do list for my day-to-day life at home, including weekends. Last week I started meal planning for the week, and it was a game changer especially when I had many late nights at work. Meal planning meant that my husband and I knew exactly what to cook and when, and it made my husband do some of the cooking too!


Now I won’t go into this one too much as it really doesn’t matter how you feed your child as long as their fed. However I think I did pretty well breastfeeding our daughter for 10-months. We had a tricky start with weight loss, formula top-ups, pain from c-section and not being able to move properly. But I perserved and climbed what felt like a mountain at the time, until eventually it became easy.

Friends and Family

We live in London and have no family here. Over the past 18-months we’ve made a real conscious effort to go and visit our family in Cambridge and Cheshire. It’s so important that our daughter sees and gets to know her family, and that they also see her too.

So there’s my reasons why I rock at Motherhood.

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Claire x





  • Pat - white camellias

    You sure are #RockingMotberhood Claire. Having lived away from my family for a very long time I can totally appreciate how hard it is and it’s great that you are seeing them regularly. I think it’s really important for children to know their family is not just mum and dad and to be as close as possible to their grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. I did sleep training with my first child and found it very traumatic but like you say it made him a great sleeper until the arrival of his little sister and moving to a big boys bed. One again, thank you so much for taking part in #rockingmotherhood x

  • Emma

    Ahhh, you are rocking being a Mum! I can relate to what you say about the C-section, just reading that made my scar twith in sympathy for you! I can also relate to what you say about family. We are the same and now the girls are getting older we are trying to make sure that book trips back home for them to see their grandparents and cousins. It’s so important for them.

  • Sarah - Mum & Mor

    You’re definitely rocking at motherhood. I can’t imagine a 60 hour induction, then a c-section. Goodness! I have respect for working parents who have to juggle their careers and looking after the children. You’re doing great. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Jane Taylor Maflingo

    Love learning more about your motherhood journey, Claire. Ughhh, sleep deprivation, I watch as my 42 year old sister goes through it with a baby and a toddler and although they are little miracles, it’s even harder as an older mummy. I wish I could lend her some sleep! #Fortheloveofblog

  • Alice Soule

    I want your tips on encouraging a child to not wake up a hundred times a night please! 18 month old has always been bad at sleeping but has recently got WORSE. It makes me want to cry. Anyway, you certainly rock at motherhood, it sounds like you’re super organised and have everything running well in your life which is awesome xx #fortheloveofblog

  • Kelly

    You are clearly doing a brilliant job. It’s great to look back on motherhood like this. I agree, it can be easy to focus on the negatives but there are so many more positives. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Gary

    What a positive read. As you say it doesn’t matter how you feed your child, but I was immensely proud of my wife breastfeeding our girl for 14 months. There were so many ups and downs, days when she was cemented to the sofa because our daughter would non stop feed at the all you can eat buffet! She did six months with our son before returning to work as I quit my job to take the reins. It’s good to look at how we as parents make things a success – our children wouldn’t function after all if we weren’t doing something right! #fortheloveofblog

  • tammymum

    Ah well done that’s a great list. Having a newborn is tough enough without having to go through all that you did too. Be proud, us mums are made of strong stuff eh. #fortheloveofblog

  • The Mum Reviews

    I remember the pain of sleep training with both of mine as well. It is so difficult and I remember constantly worrying if I was doing it right. You are most certainly rocking motherhood. You are giving your daughter a really well-rounded upbringing. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Squirmy Popple

    You’re definitely rocking it! Managing sleepless nights, returning to work, putting your child in nursery and starting a blog are all huge steps and things worth being proud of. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • kerry

    Love this! I also had a csection and wow, I never realised how opening a door would make your bidy feel like it was splitting in two!!


  • Peachy and her Mommy

    I remember the pain of recovery from C-section all too well. I dont’ understand why people think it’s the easy way out. Didn’t feel easy to me. But we did it and I’m sure that you’ll agree that it was so worth it. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Anna

    You are indeed ROcking motherhood. I really admire everyone doing these. I’d be hard pushed to find one positive I think! I love your list. Keep on rocking 🙂 #fortheloveofblog

  • Kiri

    You’ve survived sleep regression – that in itself is pretty awesome! I didn’t get much sleep for months either but luckily we got through it just about in one piece. #fortheloveofblog

  • Beth

    You are most definitely Rocking Motherhood! Every one of your reasons are amazing. Also I agree meal planning is so good! We have started to do this too and it’s relieved a lot of stress! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Emma

    Aww I’ve been waiting to read this!! I wanted to wait until I’d written mine. Sounds like you had a really tough time in the beginning, and good on you for getting their with the breastfeeding. Sounds a bit similar to us, c-section (although mine was planned as breach), weight loss, top ups etc etc. Unfortunately we didn’t get there and formula it was. Laughed at the organisation!!!! I’m so similar! But I love that your meal plan has meant your husband is cooking…I think I will have to try this! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Musing Mum

    I can’t remember the last time I read a really positive blog post like this, so thank you! I have a real tendency to focus on the chaos and the negatives, and it’s important (for your sanity!) to celebrate the positives too. As you say, being a parent is really hard so any victory, no matter how small (i.e showering when you have a newborn), should be celebrated.
    Thanks for the reminder to look for the good and to celebrate it!

  • Sam - StressyMama

    I’m right there with you with the c-section and sleep deprivation. Being a parent is really hard but our children are little miracles and even when we think we aren’t, we should remind ourselves that we are rocking motherhood #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Alana - Burnished Chaos

    You are definitely rocking it. C-section recovery is definitely no easy task! It’s great that you making the effort to see family, that’s something I really missed out when I was little and I love seeing my kids with their grandparents x

  • shaney

    Hats off to you! You’re doing great! A year later I still don’t feel my csection has healed fully, it can really drag! It can’t be easy living away from family either. Go you! #fortheloveofblog

  • Jaki

    Argh I’ve got to do this post this next week. I think it’s going to be one of those that I sit down and stare at the screen! You have done a brilliant job, you do indeed rock! 🙂 #fortheloveofblog

  • mainy

    Great responses and a lovely read. I remember my little ones going into nursery and even though it was a real tug at first I was so glad that I did so that I could start providing for us again.

  • justsayingmum

    Oh you are totally rocking motherhood my lovely I have total respect for you with your career as well seriously don’t know how you do that, be a mum and have a blog oh and run this fab linky! But you forgot to mention that you also rock motherhood because you own the coolest pair of red trainers!! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Mrs Mummy Harris

    you’re rocking motherhood beyond all words. I cant imagine what you went through post labour. I know how exhausting it is having a long labour but to end up with a c-section afterwards is just another level.
    I really want Ben to meet all of his family, but unfortunately Hubby is working next weekend when there is a family get together which sucks. Keep going lovely! you’re doing amazing #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Steph McGee

    It’s all too easy to forget that we are #Rockingmotherhood but reading that reminds me what an incredible job us parents are doing. I may grumble about the blessed school run, but in fact I’m grateful. I’m grateful and privileged to be able to do it. No matter how 360, upside down, inside out my world has been flung, I’m grateful for the precious moments with my babies, all the terribly average, blah moments, the eek moments, the noooo moments – absolutely all of it.

  • Lucy Grace

    Loved your post, found it inspiring when it came to write my own! We do a fab job really… no matter how often it feels like we don’t. Thanks again for tagging me, it was so nice to revel in some positivity 🙂 #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Kirsty - Winnettes

    A lovely read, you are definitely rocking motherhood. I don’t know how you coped after such a labour and c-section. Going back to work is so difficult, it all works out in the end but it is so hard to suddenly not be able to be with them all the time (that said then they hit 2 and you are pretty happy for 5 minutes that doesn’t involve a moaning voice). Hopefully you can get to see more of your family this year Xx

  • Angela Watling

    Some great reasons there! I’m very impressed with the travelling you’ve done. Our trips have been a mixed bag. You also deserve applause for the whole nursery settle / back-to-work accomplishment. I went through it 6 months before you and it’s a real rollercoaster of emotions. Also sounds like you did really well getting through your recovery with a newborn xx #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Emily Bresin

    This is fantastic! I think surviving on very little sleep and still managing to care for an infant is a huge reason to be rocking motherhood! I can certainly relate. My daughter didn’t sleep through the night for nearly 14 months…and she still isn’t a great sleeper, but we’re getting there! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Abi - Something About Baby

    Love this post – you are most definitely rocking motherhood! I’d agree with you on a lot of this – csection recovery is hard, breastfeeding is hard, nursery is hard, going back to work is hard, sleep deprevation is hard!! Well done mama #fortheloveofBLOG

  • From Day Dot

    Ah this is fab, you are definitely rocking it and were really up against it at times! If I can do half of the things you’ve achieved in your year on maternity I’ll be pretty pleased! #fortheloveofblog

  • Jade The Parenting Jungle

    It sounds like you are rocking at life in general my lovely! 60 hour labour my god and I whinged at 32, going back to work is a massive hill to climb and it sounds like you are kicking ass. Living in the South west and all my clan being in Wales mean I every holidays pack my son onto a train and journey to see them, its tiring but worth it! It so good to recognise achievements #fortheloveofBLOG

  • wendy

    Such a lovely positive post, it is good to focus on all the good things you have achieved. You are certainly rocking motherhood lovely xx #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Mrs Lighty

    Ah I’m just writing my post as your nominee Bridie has nominated me! You’ve got some great reasons, I love reading these! Thanks for hosting #fortheloveofBLOG, sorry for the late reading!!

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