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Your Home Is Full Of Money. You Just Don’t Know It.

Any parent knows just how difficult it can sometimes be to keep up with the many, varied and mounting costs of raising a tiny person in the 21st century. In fact, at last count, raising a child to adulthood costs almost a quarter of a million pounds. With living costs at their highest ever and the value of our wages facing a stagnation that could last well into the next decade it’s little wonder that parents up and down the country are feeling the pinch.

When cash runs short we could find ourselves reaching out to dodgy lenders or over relying on credit cards, yet many parents have homes that are full of cash. And, that cash just needs to be liquidated. While you won’t find £20 notes sewn into the lining of your cushions most homes have a sizeable surplus of stuff. We have so much stuff in our lives in the 21st century that we often forget that even though it has ceased to be of real value to us it may well have value to others.

The next time you’re cleaning your home have a look for odds and ends that could be of value. If you put in the effort to list your items and use a reliable eBay courier you could find yourself sitting on a gold mine. While you may need to invest a little time and money on listing your items you’ll often make a tidy profit on the following: 

Kids’ clothes

Your kids grow out of their clothes so fast, it can quickly seem like you have a textile mill’s worth clothes that are of absolutely no use to you any more. Yet, for legions of other cash strapped parents out there your old children’s clothes could be a much needed life line. While each item of clothing may not sell for a whole lot of money, the income really adds up when you have a healthy inventory of clothes.

Kids clothes in a pile

Old tech

Many of us still have old games consoles, laptops and phones from our younger years. Since technology moves at such a blistering pace you could be forgiven for thinking that these items were worthless, but this is almost never the case. The retro games scene is alive and well, and as long as old consoles are working and reasonably well maintained they can sell for a pretty penny. Likewise there are entire subcultures of people who collect old mobile phones and laptops. Yay for revivalism!

Books, CDs and DVDs

Print isn’t dead and neither is physical media. You may be tempted to sell off all of your CDs and DVD en masse using an app like Music Magpie but you can almost always make more money listing your items individually on eBay. It may take a little more time and effort but it will make you a whole lot more money, particularly if you have collectors edition DVDs. 

Books lined up on a shelf

You don’t have to wait until you next move house to have a good clear out. Sell on your unused stuff and you’ll not only enjoy a minimalistic and clutter free home but a whole lot more disposable income.

Are you thinking about having a clear out? I hope that this post has given you inspiration for how to make some extra cash.

Claire x

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