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How to treat yourself this Christmas and New Year

Christmas is such a busy time of the year for anyone, and more so parents. There are parties, there are work commitments and deadlines, presents to buy, meals to prepare, and children to entertain over the holidays. This leaves very little time or no time for you. However in the madness of the lead up to Christmas, and the time in between Christmas and New Year there is bound to be some time that you can dedicate to a treat yourself.

If you’ve spent the entire year parenting, and juggling children, work and the household, you are entitled to some time off and some “you time”. There are so many ways that you can have this. You could get the extra help from your partner who might be off work, or family members who are around, or you could even consider getting a baby sitter with who do all the hard work and source an approved babysitter in your area for you.

So here are some ways that you can treat yourself this Christmas and New Year.

Hit the shops

What is better than shopping at Christmas? The Christmas lights are on, carols are being sung, and everything feels festive. If you’ve received vouchers for Christmas, use these as an excuse to nip out of the house for a few hours. It’s always nice to buy new clothes or treats for yourself, so make sure you use this opportunity if you can get it. You can also take a little pit stop by enjoying a coffee and cake, and reading a magazine in peace, that sounds like bliss, doesn’t it?

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Book a day at a spa

If you have any spas near you, you could spend a day there or while away few hours pampering yourself. I know just how nice and relaxing a massage or facial is, and you will come away feeling so much more refreshed and prepared to brave yet more Christmas or New Year festivities.

Enjoy a date night with your partner

It’s so important to spend time with your partner especially after a busy run up to Christmas. If you are going to be staying with family over the Christmas period then make the most of this, and see if they would be willing to look after your children, or to do the bedtime routine, so that you can enjoy a much needed date night. It could be a trip to the cinema, or a meal out, or even just a few drinks down the pub. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just as long as you get some time out away from the children with your partner. If you’re desperate to get out on New Years Eve then here are some top tips on how to find a baby sitter and how much you should expect to pay.

Have a movie night in

On the flip side you could enjoy a night in with a nice dinner and a film. Often during the working week we are all so busy in the evenings either doing household chores or catching up on work. Hopefully you will have time off work during the Christmas break, and if you do, then dedicate an evening to a date night in. That way you haven’t got to worry about childcare or missing the bedtime routine.

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Short break away….

Could you take a short break away between Christmas and New Year? If you’ve got family who would be willing to look after your children, then take this opportunity. It could be a night away at a hotel in your local town, or a stay at an AirBnB. Or if you’re feeling more flush and have the childcare it could be a trip abroad to experience the Christmas festivities.

Have a night out with the girls

If you find it difficult to organise a night our during the week due to work commitments, then see if you can arrange a night out over the Christmas break. Hopefully any work commitments won’t get in the way, plus it’s a great way to catch up before the year is out.

So those are my top tips and ways to treat yourself over the Christmas and New Year break. I hope that you manage to find a way to enjoy some “you time”.

Claire x

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How to treat yourself this Christmas and New Year

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