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It was our daughter’s 2nd birthday last week, and she received so many gifts and presents. She’s now at an age where she realises what a present is, and greets every present with “wow” and eagerly rips off the wrapping paper in excitement. It’s lovely to see this, and I am genuinely excited by her excitement when it comes to receiving gifts. To tie into this we recently tested a few toys from what2buy4kids who are a brilliant company for choosing a perfect gift for a child. 

If you’re like me and sometimes struggle to find or choose a gift that is suitable for a child of a certain age, then what2buy4kids is your dream come true. It’s really simple. On their website you select the age of the child you are buying for, their gender, and what2buy4kids does the rest. It shows you all the relevant toys, and completely take the stress away from choosing a gift.

We did just that, selected toys for a 2 year old girl, and I was really impressed with the results. There is a huge range including games, bath toys, wooden toys, and much larger outdoor toys. None of the toys are really gender specific either, except for a couple of dolls, and even then both girls and boys can play with these. We selected a range of toys to test. and our daughter has loved them all. Here’s what we thought.


Melissa and Doug Pretty Purse

Our daughter is always playing with my handbag and purse, taking out it’s contents and spreading it all over the floor or around the house. I thought that she would really like this bag and purse by Melissa and Doug to encourage play, and to feel excited about having her own bag and purse, plus I really like the toys in the Melissa and Doug range. I am really impressed with the quality of this toy, and that it stimulates your child to sort and put away. Our daughter really enjoys taking out the contents of the bag and purse, and putting it all back together again. The bag and purse contain a toy soft phone, set of keys, mirror and coins.



Bugs in the Tub

We never seem to have enough bath toys, and have spent the last year playing with a fish, duck, octopus and two cups, so I decided that we definitely needed to get some new bath toys. I really liked the look of Bugs in the Tub, as it’s a little game that we can play before bedtime, to catch the butterflies and snail floating around among the bubbles in the bath. Plus it’s great for improving hand and eye co-ordination skills too.


Tots Art Gallery

When we received this as I was overwhelmed by this product. With the Tots Art Gallery there is so much that children can do, and if your child is young and relatively new to Arts and Crafts this is the perfect present. It includes 12 activity cards which your child can place stickers, small cards, eyes or tissue paper on. All of it comes packed in individual packs, and the case is split into dividers, making it perfect for any very organised parent. I really like this present, and it’s a great rainy day gift as we found last week. The little one couldn’t stop playing with it, and I’m already looking forward to making the lion.


Dear Zoo Matching Pairs Game

We are massive fans of Dear Zoo having been to the trail at London Zoo, I also really like it as it has been played and read by children for 35 years. The purpose of the Dear Zoo Matching Pairs game is to either match the animals together, or to match the animals with their cage. We are a little way off playing this game, but it is still loved by our daughter for saying the name of each animal or the noise that they make.



We loved all our presents from what2buy4kids, they made a perfect gift for our daugther’s 2nd birthday, and we really enjoyed being one of their toy testers. I would definitely recommend what2buy4kids for anyone who is looking for a birthday gift, christmas gift, or gift in general for a child.

Claire x

I was gifted these beautiful gifts in exchange for being a toy tester.


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