How to get a good night's sleep with Leesa

How to get a good night’s sleep with Leesa

Sponsored post: This post is in collaboration with Leesa, who provided a mattress for review, and all opinions are my own. 

As parents getting a good night’s sleep is vital. Whether you are a parent of a newborn baby, a 6-month old baby, a toddler or even a teenager, sleep is the one thing that helps to keep us sane and to get through the day.

Having a toddler and a newborn baby I know just how important getting a good night’s sleep is. It’s important to re-charge your batteries, to boost your immunity, to make you feel happy, to clear your mind, and to ultimately save you from the early days of having a newborn baby. With this in mind I was so excited to test out the Leesa mattress to see if it would give me a good night’s sleep. And do you know what it did.

From the moment my husband and I opened the box I knew it was something special. You’re probably thinking why does it come in a box? The Leesa mattress arrives in a box making it easily transportable to your door and for you to position where you like in your home.

Next up is opening the mattress, which is quite amazing. Simply removing all the plastic vacuum packaging from the mattress, unfold it and watch it take shape. You can literally see the mattress unravelling and growing into a mattress before your eyes. I was a bit skeptical about this and wondered how comfy it would be, but I can tell you now, it is really comfortable.

My daughter playing on our Leesa mattress

We positioned our mattress in our master bedroom, and having just had a c-section it was exactly what I needed. I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. I could no longer feel any springs in a mattress. Plus being only able to sleep on my back at the time meant that any pressure points were really comfortable. This is achieved by the three layers of premium foam material that adjust to the body shape of the individual, making sleeping on your side, back or front incredibly comfortable.

Not only do my husband and I find the mattress really comfortable, my son and daughter do as well. This could be bad news for parents who don’t want their children in their beds. However as a mum of a 6-week old just lying him on our bed in the daytime means that he’s in for a good nap.

Newborn lying on the Leesa mattress

As you can see we love our Leesa mattress and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to you. For us it was the best decision to replace our existing 8 year old mattress with a new one, and we haven’t looked back since. If you’re in doubt Leesa also offer everyone a 100-night risk-free trial. This means that if after 100-nights you are not sleeping better, Leesa will collect your mattress and provide you with a full refund.

In addition to this, all Leesa mattresses are made in the UK, and have a stylish and soft grey finish including the 4 white stripes. I love this as it matches the style of our bedroom even though you can’t see it when the sheets and duvet are in place.

Stripe of the Leesa mattress

If this sounds all too good to be true, I am adding an extra bonus to the pile by offering you £100 off a Leesa mattress using the code THEPRAMSHED. So go on, don’t delay, order a new mattress today. I promise you that you will love it.

Claire x

How to get a good night's sleep

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