How you can create the ideal relaxing bedroom

We all dream of a safe haven away from the kids, a place where we can escape the endless pieces of clutter, toys and brightly coloured plastic scattered around the home. Your bedroom is one of the only places that you can do this (I used to think the bathroom was relatively child free until bath toys started appearing). The bedroom is your room in your home. It’s where anything related to children should be banned, and it’s your room where you should be able to relax in at the end of the day. With this in mind here are my top tips on how you can create the ideal relaxing bedroom in your home.

  • Choose soft furnishings. This will include your duvet cover, pillows, cushions, throws and rugs. These items will really help to dress your room, and make your bedroom feel cosy and relaxing, and what’s better than snuggling up in bed with a book at the end of a busy day. I love seeing a bed that is dressed with stylish cushions and throws, even though I know that they will be placed on the floor before I climb in.
  • Select relaxing decor. Think about colours that help you to relax. You could select stylish greys or neutral colours, and then have the option to go for more decorative accessories. Or you could create a feature wall that’s a different colour or displays a feature wallpaper. Whatever your style this is your room to do this, and it should be something that you’re happy with.
  • Pick a stylish bed. This is super important and is the most important feature of the room. Think about how much time you spend in your bed. It should be comfy for you, and allow you to get a good nights sleep. The range at Dreamers Bed Centre is vast, and they offer a bed of every style you could imagine to suit any home. The high fabric headboard divan beds are super stylish and will give a luxurious feel to your bedroom.
  • Select a comfy mattress. This is even more so important than selecting a bed. The mattress is what you’ll be sleeping on every single night, and it needs to be right for you. Do you prefer a soft or a firm mattress? Are you looking for a mattress that moulds to the shape of your body? Think about what you’re looking for in advance, as you’ll be sleeping on it for 8 hours a night (hopefully). Mammoth Mattresses are medically proven to enhance your sleep, and offer both quality and comfort.

Bedroom with bright windows

  • Select a room with bright windows. In the day time you’ll want your bedroom to be nice and light, allowing the bright sunlight to stream in. This will help you to wake up and make the room seem instantly welcoming. In the evening and before going to bed, you’ll want the window to block out any street lighting or the early morning rising sun, so think about black-out curtains or blinds.
  • Pick furniture to suit the room and your needs. You should have enough furniture to store all your clothes, and bits and pieces. There are so many different styles available, and you might opt for matching, or various different styles, whatever makes you happy and creates a relaxing environment for you.
  • Lastly lighting. Think about the sort of lighting you want in your bedroom. If you’re someone who loves to read before bed consider a bedside lamp or a reading light. Or could you have over the bed lights that hang from the ceiling? There are also so many pretty chandeliers you could have as your main light. It’s good to invest in quality lighting and it certainly pays to shop around, and consider all the different options that are available.

Bedroom lighting

So those are my top tips for how you can create a dream relaxing bedroom.

Have you recently updated your bedroom, or are you wishing to do something with your bedroom to make it your relaxing sanctuary?

Claire x

Top tips for how you can create your dream relaxing bedroom

This post is written in collaboration with Dreamers Bed Centre. 



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    Sometimes the hardest thing for me is just getting started. Making a new habit (or ditching an old one) can look big, so I focus on just doing it – even if it isn’t perfect. I started working out last October, and now it isn’t very hard to get up and go do it, because it is a habit but those first weeks were hard! I kept telling myself “It’s ok if you can’t DO that much – just get up and go do ‘something’, to get yourself in a habit!

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