Mr Tumble

Need I say anymore……Mr Tumble

Just as the title suggests need I say anymore. In fact this post can end right here. “Mr Tumble. Mr Tumble. Mr Tumble”. I hear you cry and shout.

Honestly my daughter has an obsession with this man and the TV programme on CBeebies, just like she has an obsession with Justin’s House. I’m not being funny, but this seems to be the only TV programme she’s interested in, wanting to watch it on the TV, my phone and the iPad. Why? I have no idea. Does anyone else have this problem.

Actually I think there are a few reasons why she likes it.

The first is that the show actually contains real people. She’s never been too much of a fan of cartoon style TV programmes, and would rather see real people, she would quite happily sit and watch the news. That suits me, it’s far better than some of the other stuff.

The second reason is that it’s bright and colourful, capturing her attention and making her eyes lock right onto the screen, never to look at anything again.

The third is that it’s actually quite educational if you sit and watch it, where the children often go out to learn, visiting farms etc…..

So I think that those are the reasons why she enjoys watching it so much. Sometimes I’m sure that she would quite happily watch it all day if I let her. For a two year old toddler, there’s something about that program that’s strangely addictive.

I almost wish that she enjoyed watching something else, as there is only so much Justin Fletcher I can take piercing through my house. I would quite happily sacrifice it for back to back In The Night Garden episodes or Peppa Pig. But for now I am taking Mr Tumble as a phase, and hoping that it will pass soon.

I’m sure it can’t be that bad for her, the points above are all positive, plus it’s on CBeebies, not some dodgy sky channel.

Anyway if Mr Tumble can give me 10 minutes to put the washing away, and dries the eyes of a crying toddler, then I’m happy.

Anyone else agree?

Claire x

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  • The Lupie Mummy

    My little one is obsessed with the Twirly woos at the moment, or the “do do’s” as he calls them! I honestly dread the moment he finds Mr Tumble…I’m with you on that one, let’s just hope it will be a phase!

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