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The madness and chaos (and love) of Christmas with a toddler

I can’t believe the day is over, then again it is only a day. The lead up felt like ages, although present buying and wrapping feels like a distant memory now. Christmas Day was lovely, it was spent at my parents house in amongst the madness and chaos of having a toddler. However aside from that it was a brilliant day and we had some lovely moments when the toddler was not throwing a wobbly.

The day started with madness and chaos whilst breakfast was being cooked. There were so many presents and it was a challenge to keep the little one from going into the living room to see if Santa had been. I genuinely think that this is the first year she understood what Christmas is, or at least knows that she’s going to get presents.

To avoid the living room I made a little stocking for her with some cheap toys and art materials from Mothercare and Flying Tiger. The stamps went down a treat, and she was quickly stamping numbers onto paper and her hands. These were a brilliant present for a two year old. On the flip side a snow globe was not, as that ended up smashed on the kitchen floor. Oh dear, it didn’t last very long.

As soon as the main present opening began this is where the carnage begins. She was so excited by it and wouldn’t let anyone open their own present. Bless her. She was more excited about the present opening that the actual gifts.

However nothing could prepare her for Baby Annabelle doll that actually wees, cries and sleeps. She was amazed by it, and I think she might genuinely believe that babies come from boxes. If only. She quickly got attached to Baby Annabelle and wanted her for nap time, bath time and bed time. This caused a few grumbles and then a mega tantrum when Baby Annabelle was taken away from her.

Trying to settle a toddler down for a nap on Christmas Day is crazy, but we got their eventually. Phew. It meant that we got to enjoy our starters in peace. She woke up just time for lunch, but refused to eat, either she was just too overwhelmed or excited by the day, or it was the cold, cough, teething going on at the moment. Who could no say to Pigs in Blankets?

The lunch was lovely and we were so full afterwards that all we wanted to do was crash on the sofa to watch a film. Instead we had a lovely few hours playing with Thomas the Tank Engine, Duplo and Baby Annabelle. Then before we knew it, it was bedtime for the little one, and her bath with Nana.

It’s not until they’ve gone to bed that you can reflect on the day, look at your presents and eat some more food. I was a very lucky girl this year and got some lovely gifts from my husband and family. In fact everyone was spoilt.

We are now making our way up to Cheshire for Christmas Part Two, where all he madness, chaos and love will start again.

I hope you had a lovely day yesterday, how did you spend the day? Did you have a crazy day like us?

Claire x

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