Us with Fireman Sam

Our visit to see the premiere of Fireman Sam; Set for Action

Today we were invited to watch the brand new Fireman Sam film; Set for Action at The Soho Hotel in London.

We were all really excited to watch the new movie, and it was lovely to spend time together as a family doing something fun in Central London. Even though we live in London, we barely travel into Central London, so it was really nice to be escaping SE4 for the bright lights of Soho.

My daughter next to the Fireman Sam Set For Action screening board

On arriving at the hotel we quickly made our way down to the basement area which had been fully decked out in Fireman Sam toys and balloons, and with areas for our photos to be taken. My toddler instantly gravitated to the toddler friendly fire engine toys and really enjoyed playing with these, whilst we enjoyed a fresh cup of tea, biscuits and sandwiches.

My daughter playing with the Fireman Sam toys

Some of the highlights in this fun and play hour before the film included balloon animals being made for the little ones, meeting Marilyn Monroe, and pretending that we were escaping from a burning building. My daughter loved dressing up as a fireman for this picture and wearing her Fireman Sam hat.

Lady making balloon animals at the event

Family shot running from burning building

We all really enjoyed watching the film in the cinema room that is part of the hotel. A lot of sweet and toffee popcorn was consumed and this was needed to keep my daughter in her seat for the hour long film. Luckily my son was asleep for most of it, which meant I could sit down and stop bouncing from the sidelines trying to get him to sleep in the sling.

The cinema screen at The Soho Hotel

About to watch Fireman Sam Set for Action film

The film is excellent. It is all about a Fireman Sam film being filmed in Ponty Pandy, and obviously Fireman Sam himself is the main character alongside his colleague who is a film star trying to prove his film star credentials whilst jeopardising Fireman Sam’s ability to do his job. It is an action packed and fast paced film, making it ideal for children’s short attention spans. Plus as an adult watching it, I really enjoyed it and there were a couple bits of humour thrown in too.

Fireman Sam in the film himself

I won’t give the synopsis of the film away here. Instead you can watch the full film for yourself on Cartoonito at 8am on the 22nd October. Plus it is aired throughout the half-term week. Perfect!

We really enjoyed our day out and watching the film, and our toddler has loved dressing up as Fireman Sam this afternoon.

Claire x

Us with Fireman Sam

This is a collaborative post, and we attended this event in exchange for a blog post review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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