How to celebrate your birthday as a Mum

How to Celebrate your Birthday as a Mum

We’ve heard it said before and we’ll definitely hear it said again; being a mum is hard work. Whether you’re a stay at home mum, a mum that works part-time or a mum that works full-time, ensuring everything runs smoothly at all times is more hard work than anyone made out.

So, this begs the questions – how do you treat yourself. Well, you can treat yourself every night if you like, but chances are it could get interrupted. Now, there’s one day each year that’s designed to be all about us; our birthday. While your children will no doubt search high and low to ensure their mother’s birthday card is absolutely perfect, and spoil you – sometimes, you need to have some adult time that’s all about you.

But, how do you ensure that it’s just what you want? Well, the only way to ensure that happens is to do it yourself. Here are a few things you could do to ensure you have the best and most relaxed birthday you’ve had in a while.

A Spa

If you’re looking to relax and unwind for the day, a spa day is the ideal way to go. Book yourself or some friends in on the weekend, get yourself a babysitter and you’re set. This is the ideal way to help the stresses of everyday life melt away as you get massaged and pampered. If you want the full experience, you could even book yourself into the hotel for the night. Also, you can easily run yourself a nice, healthy and organic bubble bath to relax on this special day!

A Party

Just because you’re a fully grown adult, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a party. Whether you want a big affair at a bar or restaurant, or if you just want a smaller affair in the house, it’s pretty easy to organise. However, if you want minimal stress, you could take on a director role and tell a friend or family member how you want your party, and leave them to organise it. This way you can have the party but without the stresses. However, you’ll have to arrange the babysitter.

Weekend Away

By yourself, with friends or your partner, a weekend away is the ideal way to celebrate, unwind and get away from the kids for a bit. Whether it’s a city break abroad or a countryside retreat with a hot tub, the choices are endless, and there are hundreds of ways to book. These are usually great for those big birthdays, as no one can refuse to have the kids for the weekend on such a momentous occasion.

So, whether you want to get away for a day, weekend or just have a big night, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate your birthday when you’re a mum. Now, go ahead, book it and have fun.

Claire x

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