Five of the best reasons to choose organic clothing

Five of the best reasons to buy organic clothing for babies and toddlers

There is so much focus on the environment at the moment including stopping the use of single use plastic to protect our oceans and wildlife. This has made me think about how we can change our behaviour and our purchasing habits to help sustain the environment. Now I know that reducing our use of single use plastic isn’t related to organic baby clothes, but it has made me realise that I could do better and purchase organic clothing for my children. Not only are these clothes better for the environment, they are also better for our kids as well. So here are five of the best reasons to buy organic clothing for your baby, toddler and even you.

Good for your child’s skin

The cotton used to make organic or ethical clothing is generally free from pesticides and chemicals, meaning it should be gentler on your child’s skin. This is good news for parents of newborn babies, as babies are born with really sensitive skin that is paper-skin, which requires all the protection it can get in the early days.

Better quality

Although organic clothing comes at a higher price point to your typical High Street clothing, it is said to be of a better quality. Having browsed organic or ethical clothing online and created my own organic clothing wish list, I have to say that I am in love with organic clothing for a couple of reasons. Firstly the clothing is stylish and has a uniqueness about it. I definitely wouldn’t be worried about another child wearing the same clothing as my child. Secondly organic clothing has a really well made look and feel to it, and feels like it would sustain many washes alongside the rough and tumble play you get from a toddler.

It creates a better future environment for your children

By buying organic clothing you are creating a better environment for your child. The reduction of pesticides and chemicals to make cotton by choosing organic will mean that there are less of these harmful chemicals pumped into the environment. As your child grows older you can also teach them the importance of buying organic and hopefully they will opt to go down this route when they are old enough to make their own decisions.

Support for organic farmers

When you choose organic clothing you are supporting organic farmers who are growing the cotton. It is better for the health of these farmers to be growing organic cotton rather than non-organic cotton, as they are free from any toxic pesticides or chemicals whilst they work.

There is a certain feel good factor about it

Knowing that you are wearing and buying organic or ethical clothing has a certain feel good factor to it. You know that it’s better for you, your children and your environment. I think that for this reason alone it’s enough to make you want to purchase organic clothing.

So those are five of the best reasons to choose organic or ethical clothing.

Did you know that organic clothing is not just limited to children’s clothing, you can also get organic clothes for adults and a range of accessories too!

If you haven’t purchased organic clothing in the past does this make you want to now?

Claire x

I am excited to be collaborating with Atlist for this post.

Image credit: Clothing in the header image from Frugi and Honey Bees Clothing Company. 





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