How were designing our bedrooms for our toddler and newborn baby

How we’re designing the bedrooms for our toddler and newborn baby

Moving house means packing and unpacking, choosing where furniture is going to be placed, and deciding who is going to have what room. What’s even more exciting than that is decorating and getting to create a room from scratch for your children that is worthy of its own Pinterest board. Before we moved into our new home I had so many ideas on how I would like to design the bedrooms for our toddler and newborn baby.

Our toddler’s bedroom was the first room that we tackled as it needed the attention. Prior to decorating it had plain white walls and a very tired look to it that was crying out for attention and love. We decided to keep the colour scheme a grey and yellow (the same as her old bedroom) to avoid having to buy brand new accessories and furnishings.

Here’s what we did. We looked at a lot of children’s beds, and decided on a toddler bed that was no bigger than her cot bed. We did consider a single bed, but they just seemed huge compared to her cot bed, and I really didn’t want her falling out of it. She loves her bed and even though it is a lot smaller than a single bed, it will definitely last her a couple of years.

Toddler Beds

All the original furniture from her old room was moved into our nursery, and we purchased new furniture including a wardrobe and chest of drawers in white wood, and a bright yellow storage unit to fit with the grey and yellow theme. Another nice touch was purchasing forward facing book shelves and painting these white to match the rest of the furniture.

In terms of furnishings I love the chevron theme at the moment and fortunately we could re-hang her yellow chevron curtains as they fitted the window drop. To match the chevron theme we purchased a wigwam tent in grey to create a reading area, or a place where she could play and hide.

To help bring the grey and yellow theme together we painted the walls in a light grey, and installed coving to create a much neater and smarter finish.

Grey and white chevron wigwam tent

We love her room and so does she. It’s great to have a large enough space to hold all her toys, and space for her to play as well. Next on our list is designing and decorating our nursery for our newborn baby.

Currently this room contains a cot bed, chest of drawers and storage unit, all of which are white. We looked at a range of beds for this room, however with my daughter needing a children’s bed we decided that our current cot bed would suffice.

This room will be painted a light grey colour for consistency with my daughter’s bedroom, and also to avoid having lots of different wall colours throughout our house. However instead of going for a yellow and grey theme, I have decided on a monochrome theme.

There are so many beautiful accessories you can buy for this theme including pictures, hooks, laundry bags and light shades. I think for a boys room (or girls room) a monochrome theme is very fitting, plus it can be used for years to come as he gets older, and future items can easily be added to it.

Monochrome laundry basket

So that’s how we’ve designed and decorated our toddler’s bedroom, and plan to decorate our son’s bedroom (as you can see we’ve only got a monochrome laundry basket so far).

I would love to hear if you’ve recently updated, decorated or purchased new furniture for your child’s bedroom.

Claire x

This is a collaborative post with Happy Beds. 

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