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Why I’m embracing MUTU System to heal my diastasis recti

Does anyone know what diastasis recti is? I had no idea what it was until after the birth of my first child and noticed that my tummy muscles peaked when I did a sit up.

Try doing a sit up, and see if you have it?

It was after the pregnancy that I got my abdominal muscles checked by my GP whilst discussing my umbilical hernia, and they discovered I had a 5 centimetre separation between the muscles. That’s quite a distance and now that I’m pregnant again I’m determined not to let that gap get any bigger.

So that’s why I’m embracing MUTU System exercises at the moment. I first heard of MUTU System a couple of months ago when I attended an event ran by Wendy Powell who founded MUTU. Wendy explained that many women with or without a pregnancy hated their bodies for whatever reasons. After my first pregnancy my body was definitely not what it was previously. I had an abdominal separation and I had a worsening umbilical hernia, but I didn’t hate my body, after all it had grown and birthed a human. However I knew that I need to do something about it and luckily the event told me that MUTU System can help.

MUTU System can heal a body that won’t work, and we all want a body that works. What I mean by ‘won’t work’ is a broken pelvic floor and diastasis recti. MUTU System is a 12 week programme designed to heal the body by doing very simple exercises, and I’m not talking running marathons here.

It’s simple. All I do each evening is take part in just over 10 minutes of MUTU System exercises where I focus on my pelvic floor muscles and tightening my tummy. The course is all online making it incredibly easy to take part and you can do it wherever you are in the home, but it find it easier to concentrate if I’m somewhere quiet.

As I’m pregnant I’ve selected the pregnancy course option which is safe for women carrying children, and so far I’ve not found any of the exercises to be strenuous on my ever expanding bump.

When you sign up to the course you will receive a MUTU System exercise kit (only when you pay for the full course upfront) that contains everything you need for the exercises including a small ball and stretchy elastic bands to give you some resistance whilst exercising.

I’m really enjoying the course and I often do my 10 minutes of MUTU System exercises before bed. I’ve found that the deep breathing and exhaling whilst bringing in your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles really helps me to relax. Plus the calming music and wind chimes in background certainly helps my mind to switch off, and as a result I’ve found that I’ve been sleeping so much better since starting the course.

Taking MUTU breathes are so important to help strengthen your core muscles

The best thing I can say now is that my core muscles feel stronger, and I’ve found the exercises easier to do the more I do them. I guess I can say that MUTU System is working for me. Yes it’s a little weird at first and it takes a little getting used to, but once you’re in the mindset and doing it regularly it feels totally normal. I’ve actually found myself walking around carrying on with my day-to day activities whilst sucking in my pelvic floor as I breathe out.

For anyone who has a weak pelvic floor or diastasis recti I urge you to give MUTU System a try. Having these ‘won’t work’ functions in our body is unfortunately not something that will heal itself. A weak pelvic floor will only get worse as we get older, and that’s not something I’m prepared to live with, and I imagine you don’t want that either.

So what are you waiting for? Have a look at how MUTU System can help you today and enjoy 15% off the course with code EMBRACE15.

I’ll be providing a full review once I’ve finished the course so watch this space.

Claire x

How MUTU Systems can help you with your diastasis recti

This is a collaborative post with MUTU Systems.

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