Car maintenance checklist you must read before travelling this Summer

Car maintenance checklist you must read before travelling this Summer

As parents of small children we know that safety is paramount, especially when it comes to car safety and car travel. It’s really important you know that your car is safe and roadworthy to carry young people (and yourself) on the road, and now is an ideal time to do this.

So if you’re about to travel in your car this summer to reach your holiday destination, or to visit family and friends, then you need to read and action my car maintenance checklist. Don’t delay, do it today!

  • Check the tyre pressure. This goes without saying as you don’t want a tyre blow out on the motorway. With all the hot weather there has been recently please check your tyres, as the heat can impact the pressure. Your car may tell you whether your tyre pressure is too low. But if not all it takes is a quick trip to your local petrol station where it’s usually free to top your tyres up.
  • Check your water levels. Have you got enough water to spray your front and back windscreen free of any dirt? It can be really annoying when this runs out mid journey, and your windscreen wipers just shriek across your windscreen leaving more dirty marks.
  • Check that you have enough fuel. This is a really obvious point but have you got enough fuel to get you from A to B. As a parent there is nothing worse than having to stop at a service station and pay through the roof for your fuel, and then having to wake up a sleeping child in the back of the car, so you can go to pay.
  • Check your oil levels. This is a really simple check and can be done by anybody, even you ladies. Just pop the hood and make sure that the oil level is between the two lines on the gauge. If not then it will need to be topped up before you leave. Not doing this could have implications for your car that could be costly.
  • Check your child’s car seat. It is really important to check that it is securely fixed on its isofix base or by the car seat belts. Check that it’s clean, the straps are correctly set-up and that the head rest is in the right position and height for your child.
  • Tidy up and declutter your car. Before heading off make sure that the car is clean and tidy, and free of any half eaten biscuits and discarded water bottles. It makes for such a more pleasant journey and for finding things quickly. Plus it means that there are no distractions that may take your eyes off the road.
  • Lastly always make sure that your car service is up to date. Ideally it should be carried out each year or every 12,000 miles (whatever comes first). And this should also include a car air conditioning maintenance and service (if required). Calmac Tyres Autocentre air conditioning service in Northampton can take care of this for you, and this can be booked online via their website.

If you’ve done all of the above you are nearly ready to go. Now there’s just the packing to do, and making sure that everything fits safely and securely in your car. Oh and don’t forget the sun cream!

Do you have any other car maintenance checks that you carry out before going on long car journeys.

Claire x

A car maintenance checklist you must read before driving

This is a collaborative post with Calmac Tyres


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  • Pro Touring

    Very few vehicles complete their life span without visiting an auto repair shop and undergoing a major repair or overhaul of a component. Knowing that your car will need a repair or servicing is no issue, but the problem lies in finding the right auto shop that will give you quality service and not swindle you. It is easy to get that loyal mechanic who is like your car’s personal doctor. A high charging shop does not mean better quality and opting for one simply because of cost may end up in a slow death for your car. You can also get a good shop but not one that takes a whole week to service your car, costing you in inconveniences. It is important to find the balance between speed of service, quality and expense.

  • Charlice Eedu

    Thank you for this excellent article.

    While there are thousands of things you can do to save costs, one of the simplest way of saving money on your auto repair is to have a good maintenance culture.

    Taking proper care of your car when it’s still in good working condition will ensure that it lasts longer. And it’s understood that changing things like the transmission fluid at the appropriate time.

    Instead of going to your local auto shop to change your oil, you can get yourself a high-quality synthetic oil and STP oil filter and change it yourself.

    Not only will this cut your expenses, but it will also reduce the time wasted parading your local mechanic shop.

  • Ashwin

    Keeping your car clean is the best way to keep your car looking and working like new. If you don’t take it through a carwash, be sure to only use products specifically designed for cars.

  • Medison

    Very informative article, car cleaning is a most important part, everybody should clean his/her car regularly. We should take care of our car properly. Thanks for your informative article.

  • Jenna Hunter

    I really liked what you said about making sure your car is up to date on it’s service and making sure that the ac works. My husband and I recently bought an older car and the ac is starting to go. We like to travel with the kids during the summer so I am going to get that checked out and possibly replaced as soon as I can.

  • leonstone

    Make sure your cooling systems work properly. With the temperatures rising outside, your car can easily overheat.

    De-winterize your car. Trade snow tires for all-season tires and refresh windshield wipers if needed.

    Check air filter. It should be replaced every 12,000 miles to ensure optimal performance. If you’re looking for a reputable auto parts store, try AutoZone. Recently awarded America’s Best Auto Parts Retailer by women. AutoZone is the leading retailer and a leading distributor of automotive replacement parts and accessories in the U.S.

    Check the brakes. If your brakes are hard to depress or need to be pumped in order to work properly, get them checked.

  • Lee Kennell

    your blog is really informative and this shows your experience towards it. All points are to keep in mind and really helpful in summer time. I like the one point most that is check the tyre pressure before journey, because most of time the whole journey get spoil due to this.

  • Jarett T.

    It is important that everyone should consider all the ideas above before driving or owning a car. We cannot just ignore all of those or else you will end up getting caught to a problem with your car and your driving.

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    We are planning to go driving next year and I guess it’s the best year to enjoy places we never explore yet. Great list of car maintenance you got here but I want to add an important tip as well; check the flush radiator, if you haven’t done so in a while. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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    Undoubtedly, properly maintained vehicle could last long. The vehicle is one kind of huge investment which needs regular maintenance. Some people ignore the importance of car maintenance which could have a significant influence on the performance of the vehicle. Regular inspection of the vehicle helps to identify and fix minor mechanical issues associated with the vehicle to prevent any major problem.

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