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Favourite London Mummy Blogger Finalist

I wasn’t going to write this post, as I’m not the sort of person to shout about my achievements. However these sort of things are rare and don’t come along very often. So why shouldn’t I write about it. I am really excited and really proud to say that I am a favourite London Mummy Blogger Finalist by The Motherhood.

Wow! When I found out I had been nominated by Sunita over at Lucky Things Blog I was over the moon that someone had put me forward. I never realised at the time that I would make it through as a finalist. To say that I am a finalist is amazing, and I want to celebrate this success. It has come at a brilliant time in my working career. I have just finished from my current job in advertising to moving into the world of social media management and blogging.

I set up The Pramshed in January 2016 as a creative outlet during my maternity leave, and also because I wanted to be doing something with my brain. Since then my blog has gone from strength to strength. I have met some incredible people, and also had a number of brilliant opportunities. It has opened my eyes to other things, and I have learnt so much about WordPress, social media and how best to promote my posts.

My blog is something that I am really proud of, without it I wouldn’t have had the guts to leave my job of 10 years. It has given me the confidence to pursue other opportunities, to go to events and talk to people who I have only spoken to online, or to send a brazen email to a brand who I want to work with it. I’ve put countless hours and late nights into it. Not just writing posts, but also promoting and scheduling on social media.

So that’s why I am so excited and so proud to be a finalist. The line-up is fierce and the competition is tough. There are so many brilliant bloggers in the finals who all equally deserve to win. But for now I would really love for anyone reading this to vote for me here as your favourite London Mummy Blogger. You’re probably thinking, Claire get off your soapbox, but I am proud of this and want to talk about it. Like I said, these things don’t come along very often, and this is making me smile.

Claire x

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