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Don’t forget about Mother’s Day with Love Layla Designs

Now that Valentine’s Day is done and dusted for another year, it’s time to turn our attention to Mother’s Day on Sunday 11th March. That wonderful day where you can treat the Mum in your life, and hopefully your children can treat you.

It’s a special day, and something that I never really appreciated until I had my daughter. It was at that point I realised just how much hard work my Mum put into bringing me up along with my sister and brother. Being a Mum is a hard, rewarding and challenging job and that’s why every single Mum out there deserves to be treated. To do just that Love Layla Designs have an amazing range of tongue-in-cheek cards and gifts that you can purchase from their website today.

Mother’s Day Cards

The range of Mother’s Day Cards at Love Layla Designs is huge, and they are all hilarious, if not a little bit rude. So if you and you’re Mum like a bit of tongue of cheek copy, and you think that your Mum will find these funny, then these are the cards for you.

Love Layla Mother's Day Cards

The cards are all A5 size and printed on a really high quality card, and they all come with a bright purple envelope.

I really like the cards that read:

Happy Mother’s Day. Love from the womb

Mum you are bloody amazeballs

To the Mum who is trying to do it all, thank you

And that’s just for starters, there are many more available on the website.

Mother’s Day Gift Accessories

Not only do Love Layla Designs create Mother’s Day Cards, there is also a large range of accessories too.

As a Mum of a newborn 2 and half years ago, and with another one on the way, I love this badge. It pretty much reminds me of the early days, and sends out a warning message to anyone approaching to be nice. I’m sure that this would make a great present for any new Mum who has just had a baby, or one who has a child experiencing one of the many sleep regressions.

Love Layla Designs Badge

Love Layla Designs also create this funny and hilarious calendar that had me giggling at every page. The page for March is particularly funny, as you can see below.

Love Layla Designs Calendar

There is also wrapping paper that you can purchase, and I really like the paper  (as shown above) that reads:

From your favourite child

Just like the Mother’s Day Cards the wrapping paper is of a high quality, and there will definitely be no ripping if you’re trying to wrap up an awkward present.

A little bit about Love Layla Designs

Not only is Love Layla Designs about the funny and humorous cards and gifts, they are also a family run business named after their daughter “Layla” which focuses on producing cards that are realistic, hilarious and not full of bulls**t. The products really are just that, they bring out the realities of being a parent and I love that.

So I hope that you love the Mother’s Day Cards by Love Layla Designs just as much as we do. I can’t uwait to have fun with them on Mother’s Day.

Claire x

Don't forget about Mother's Day with Love Layla Designs

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