Colour palettes for a kitchen renovation

Tips on Affordable DIY Kitchen Renovation

Today, the kitchen has become the true focal point of our homes. It is where we not only cook but where we entertain guests and spend the majority of our time with our families. As it is one of the most popular rooms in the house, it should be one that we are proud to show to guests and enjoy living in. Many people are put off renovating their kitchen because they are worried about it being a costly project involving the need for plumbers, electricians and fitters. Rest assured, this does not have to be the case! In fact, you can completely transform the look of your kitchen affordably and, most importantly, without the need to hire any professionals.

Thinking time

First of all, if you are going to do any renovation work on your own, you need to spend time properly planning your budget for the project and creating a clear idea of what your focus will be. Do you want to modernise your cooking space? Or perhaps you are aiming to create the allusion of a bigger and lighter kitchen area? If you do not set a budget and do not have a clear outcome in mind, prices can quickly go over your allowed expenses.

If you are working on a budget, the easiest way to keep prices down is to avoid changing your kitchens’ original layout. Instead, make hassle-free adjustments. Make the most of what you already have! Also, think about what you can revamp rather than replace. Units such as the sink rarely need replacing unless broken. A more cost-efficient way to refresh a sinks look would be to simply buy new taps. As easy as it is to get carried away when you begin to renovate a room, remain realistic and keep a close eye on your budget at all times.

As fabulous as that new hot tap might be to give us the enviable power of making a cup of tea in seconds, make sure it is something you can actually afford alongside the other costs of renovating your kitchen.

A kitchen renovation

Stick to the plan

The best way to achieve a designer, professionally renovated look is to keep everything harmonious and simple. To do this, you have to stick to a chosen colour palette. For the kitchen area, there really are no right or wrong colours schemes. Warmer colours such as reds are a great way to add a streak of colour to the kitchen. Research also suggests that warmer colours stimulate appetite, which makes it ideal for the eating area! If you prefer the clean aesthetic of neutral colours, which has become exceedingly popular lately due to their ability to lighten rooms and create the impression of space, then make time to pick out the exact tones of the whites, creams and soft greys you want.

Big Changes for Small Prices

As mentioned earlier, to keep costs down try to avoid falling into the trap of ripping everything out and starting again. Rather than looking into buying completely new kitchen units, a great tip is to simply change your kitchen cabinet doors. And before you panic about installation prices, don’t worry, you can do it!

Another clever way to give your kitchen a face lift and introduce a pop of colour is to replace your splash backs. You will be happily surprised by what a huge difference some new fittings and a fresh layer of paint can make to your kitchen, without having to cause havoc to the bank account.

Have you recently updated your kitchen? If so, how did you manage to stick to your budget?

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Top tips on how to update your kitchen affordably

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