Myself, Freya and Vampirina

[AD] When we went to watch the brand new Disney Junior Vampirina Fang-Tastic Party Interactive Event

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Last Sunday myself and Freya were really excited to be heading to the Soho Hotel in Central London to watch the brand new Disney Junior theatrical interactive event; Vampirina Fang-Tastic Party. We had an absolutely brilliant morning and we loved seeing the new interactive event just before it’s launch in UK cinemas nationwide on the 5th and 6th October 2019.

The sign at the Soho Hotel for the brand new Vampirina Fang-Tastic Party interactive film

In case you haven’t come across Vampirina before or Vee as she is known in the interactive event, she is an animated friendly vampire character who lives with her family in Pennsylvania, where she lives next to normal people just like you and me. My daughter is strangely into anything a bit spooky at the moment (although this is far from spooky) so I knew that she would enjoy it.

Myself, Freya and Vampirina

As I said Freya is now at an age where she loves to watch anything, especially if it involves a recognisable character or a way in which she can join in. The new Vampirina Fang-Tastic Party interactive event allows your child to do just that. It is made up of 5 short stories, all designed to capture your child’s imagination and keep them focused. I really enjoyed this aspect as it meant that Freya stayed focused throughout, even though she’s only just 4 years old! Plus the songs are all interactive with the words scrolling across the bottom of the screen encouraging your child to sing-a-long too! During one of the short stories Vampirina and her friends encourage you to get up and dance, and I could see a couple of kids getting up and dancing, whilst Freya did some of the actions in her cinema seat.

About to watch the brand new Vampirina Fang-Tastic Party interactive film

Vampirina and her friends really capture the heart of all children. I think that my favourite parts were Vampirina and her friends shrinking down to pixie size and seeing the world in large scale, and when they rocked out at the concert at the end of the interactive event.

We had an absolute brilliant morning at the Soho Hotel which was made even better by the yummy food for breakfast, the balloon artist who created a giant spider balloon that came home with us on the tube, the glitter tattoos and the face painting. Then the star of the show Vampirina came to visit, and all the kids loved it! Freya was so excited to meet her, and it was lovely to get a few photos with the star herself.

The food at the Soho Hotel for the launch of the brand new Vampirina Fang-Tastic Party

A close-up of the food

Freya after she had her face painted

Freya about to meet Vampirina

Freya with Vampirina

If anyone is looking for something to watch and do this weekend I would definitely recommend Vampirina Fang-Tastic Party interactive event, it’s funny and should keep your child occupied throughout. It’s on screen across the UK from the 5th and 6th October 2019 and you can pre-order tickets here. Or you can catch up with Vampirina and her pals on the Disney Junior channel.

Claire x

Myself, Freya and Vampirina

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