A proactive car checklist for you this Winter

A proactive car safety checklist for you this Winter

Winter is literally just around the corner. The days are shorter and colder, and the nights are longer. It certainly feels like I need to start preparing myself, my home and my car for the colder months of the year that could see us with icy road conditions and possibly snow. If this winter is anything like last winter then we need to definitely be prepared for it.

As a car driver doing lots of short journeys and long journeys with kids in the back, with often a boot packed full of luggage, making sure my car is safe is paramount. Now is the time to do that before the harsher months set-in. So rather than being reactive and waiting for a breakdown, or hoping for the best, now is the time to be proactive with car safety. Here’s how you can do that before you depart for your Christmas travels.

  1. Make sure that your tyres are set to the correct pressure for the number of people and the amount of luggage that you are carrying. You’re likely to be carrying more than normal in your car during the festive period, so make sure that your tyres are correctly inflated to match that. If you do need new tyres for your car Fife Autocentre provides proficient tyre fitting in Dundee. Book your service with them today!
  2. Check that any child’s car seats are correctly fitted to the car. Is your isofix base secure or is the car seat firmly fitted with the car seat belt? Make sure that there is no room for the car seat to move around. This is especially important if you’re using different car seats to normal and driving other family member’s kids in the back of your car.
  3. If you are going to be carrying a lot of luggage in your car you will need to make sure that it is secure. If extra luggage is placed on the back seat, check that it can’t roll around whilst you’re driving or topple onto a child. If in doubt you could consider purchasing a roof rack, or getting larger presents delivered to your destination in advance.
  4. Do you have enough fuel to reach your destination? Sounds silly, but it will save you having to stop enroute when your children could be sleeping, and instead allowing you to focus on the drive. It could also save you money by not having to spend those extra pounds at service station.
  5. Before you set-off does your car have enough water, de-icer and oil to last the entire journey. Again this should prevent you from having to stop unnecessarily and will mean that your journey from A to B is safer.
  6. Lastly make sure that your car is in good working order. If you are going to be travelling miles and miles this Christmas, make sure that your servicing and MOT is up to date. This will give you the peace of mind and reassurance that nothing should go wrong with your vehicle whilst you are out and about on the road, and away from home.

Those are just some of the ways that you can be proactive with your car safety and maintenance. If you’re about to travel somewhere or know that you are travelling a lot this Winter and Christmas start implementing some of these today.

Claire x

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