3 Signs You're Ready To Go Back To Work After Having A Baby

3 Signs You’re Ready To Go Back To Work After Having A Baby

If you are a working woman who has taken time off to have a baby, it can be tricky to know if, and when, to return to the world of work. You will need several months’ break after you give birth to bond with your child, rest, and get to grips with new motherhood. But when the time comes, many women want to go back to work, but feel torn by their loyalty to their baby and their desire to work.

In this post, we’ll explore 3 signs you’re ready to go back to work after having a baby.

  1. You’re becoming a bit of a nerd again.

Whatever career you had before you had a child, you might begin feeling like a nerd towards that subject once again. If you find yourself up late, Googling same day business loans or finding out the new stock price of companies in your industry, this might be a sign that you are craving the mental stimulation that your old job gave you.

If you are nerding out and missing the action of your old job, try discussing possibilities for returning to work with your partner. It could be that you ease back into working life by going part time, or you throw yourself in at the deep end and get stuck in!

  1. You find yourself getting bored of your regular household routine.

When you have a new baby, everyday things feel magical – and exhausting – all at once. Sitting in a cafe drinking coffee with your newborn asleep in the pram; watching TV with your little one on your chest; all these everyday occurrences take on brand new meaning.

When you progress as a mum and get used to the magical everyday things, you might find yourself feeling a little caged in. You’ll never get tired of watching your child learn about the world, but being within your own four walls most of the time can be draining. If you find yourself fantasising about being back at the office, this is a sign you are ready to make the step and go back to work.

  1. You crave independence and a varied routine.

One thing nobody really tells you about becoming a mum is that you lose some of your independence. Of course, you gain the most special thing in the whole wide world, but even so, your lack of independence can sometimes be difficult to process as a new mother.

In the world of work, you get access to more independence and a varied routine. Although there are downsides to this – more stress, less sleep, and less time spent with your little one – if you are craving that variation and independence you used to have, maybe it’s time to go back to work.

Final thoughts…

Nobody has the right to tell you if and when you should return to work after your baby. But if you find yourself ticking the boxes of these three steps, you might want to consider heading back to the workplace and entering this next chapter in your life!

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