rotect Your Home Renovation Site

Tips to Protect Your Home Renovation Site

A residential property under renovation is almost always susceptible to theft and other security issues. According to security experts, home burglaries occur every forty seconds in the UK, with properties under renovation facing the most risk. Therefore, it’s become more imperative than ever to protect your property the best way you can. If you want to know more, please consider these tips.

Technology-aided protection

Depending on the extent of the renovation, you may be compelled to relocate elsewhere for the entire period. However, your absence automatically increases the chances of burglary, as criminals prefer activities when there’s nobody around. However, you can install internal and external motion sensors if you don’t have them already. Some sensors are designed with timers and are activated when the build team leaves for the day. You can use a burglary alarm system if you don’t have motion sensors. 

Some burglary alarm systems are equipped with bright flashing lights that activate when your property is breached. In the absence of technology-aided protection, you can leverage security services to safeguard your empty home. These trained professionals regularly inspect your home to ensure everything is intact.

Speak with your neighbours

Believe it or not, informing your neighbours about your home renovation can offer unpaid security. It’s also prudent to befriend your neighbours if you just moved into the neighbourhood and have not yet established excellent relationships with them. You should give them prior notice of your upcoming project by informing them of your renovation. Remember to tell your neighbours the company you contracted to do the renovation and describe their dress code.

By establishing contact with your neighbours, you’ll give them a reason to return good neighbourliness as well. However, do not forget that UK burglary statistics indicate that most break-ins are done by someone living close by. For that reason, never give details about upcoming trips or when you’re returning. In essence, vary your schedule as much as possible to prevent others from knowing too much about your routines.

Access control to the parts of the property

If the build team only works on certain parts of your property, you don’t need to grant them full access to the entire house. You also want to retain majority control over the property during the renovation process. You can invest in keypad locks with limited access to places that don’t need renovation. Additionally, keypad locks help you figure out who access your secured areas without your permission. 

Secure building materials

rotect Your Home Renovation Site

You have two options here; you can either dedicate an entire room for building materials storage or rent an external unit right. You can also let the leader of the renovation crew be responsible for locking and unlocking this unit or room. This way, you know where to start your investigations when things go missing.

In conclusion, you have countless resources to leverage if you’re serious about protecting your home renovation site. Security is a significant issue in home renovations and construction. Therefore, make a deliberate effort to protect your investment.

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