You, at 2 years old

You, at 2 years old

Today is your birthday and you are two. Happy Birthday little one. I can’t quite believe that you are two, where has the time gone, I’ve been saying that for the past few months, but it has literally flown. Two years ago after an awful induced labour you arrived into our lives. Our little small sweet pea, is now a crazy toddler. I hope that you have the best day today, I’m sure you’ll get loads of presents, and they’ll be cake and sweet treats. Now that you are two here are some of things that you are doing:

  • Your talking has gone up a level. We can almost have a conversation together, which is so sweet, plus you are learning to say ‘wait, in a minute’. Oops!  I really notice that your talking has gone up a notch after you’ve been to nursery, it must be being around all the other children.
  • You are learning to play. I occasionally catch you playing with your dolly, taking her clothes off and putting her into her bed. Sometimes you’ll give your doll and your teddies a little kiss night night.
  • Recently we’ve had a nightmare with sleep. It was difficult for about two weeks to settle you down for the night, often taking a few hours.  You demanded Mummy, Daddy, Milk and Biscuits, and still wouldn’t settle. I resorted to leaving biscuits and milk in your bed, and found crushed up biscuits the next morning.
  • On the subject of milk and biscuits, your eating has taken a step backwards. Milk and beige food seem to be preference at the moment, but I’m wondering if those pesky back molars coming through are having some impact on your diet.
  • You’ve become so much more affectionate lately, always wanting to be picked up and wanting to be held. The last hour of the day is often jump on Mummy time, and you’ll launch yourself at me on the sofa.
  • On the flipside of being affectionate you’ve developed a bit of a habit for pinching and scratching other people. My face and Daddy’s face looked like we’ve been attacked, and I was pulled aside at nursery after you pinched another child. Having said that the pinching seems to be calming down now.
  • You really enjoy being around your cousins, and they love being around you. I could see that little smile creeping onto your face when they tried to pick you up at the weekend, and when they wanted to play with you in the garden.
  • You have a a real love for animals. This weekend you got to hold a hamster and feed it, you loved that. Although I was a little worried you could have crushed the poor thing. It did really enjoyed taking the food from your hand, and storing it in its cheeks.
  • Your favourite book at the moment is “We’re going on a bear hunt” and demand the ‘bear book’ at every bedtime. The only trouble with this book is it’s pop-up and a lot of the people have been ripped out.

I can’t quite believe that my little girl is two. The next year has a lot in store for us including potty training and a cot without sides. Help!

Happy Birthday munchkin. Have a great day, now where’s the champagne.

Mummy x

The Pramshed


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