20 signs you know that you're a blogger

20 signs that show you are a blogger

I’ve been writing this blog for nearly 20 months, and that’s a long time in the blogging world. Since I started blogging my thought processes and habits have completely changed and I find that it’s something I’m always thinking about, or doing. Blogging is not just about writing the post and hitting publish, there is so much more to it, and I’ve learnt so much since I started. So with this in mind, here are 20 signs or things that you may do that show you’re a blogger:

  • You clean the hob so it sparkles and glistens to take that perfect Instagram photo or Instagram story.
  • You’re always thinking about the next Instagram photo and seeking out that perfect background (or wall). I really should make better use of our ivy wall.
  • You’re constantly thinking about your blog, what’s the next blog post, and ideas are always running through your mind.
  • You drive your friends and family mad talking about your blog, and you get a little annoyed when they don’t care as much as you do.
  • Your phone is permanently attached to your hand, or at least mine is, in fear of never missing an opportunity or notification on social media.
  • You are constantly re-doing your child’s hair ready for an Instagram or blog photo that could take place at any moment.
  • Tied into the point above, you plan your child’s outfit to work perfectly with the product review you need to do that day.
  • You get paranoid when you have no blog posts or ideas lined up for the post you have to publish tomorrow.
  • You are always taking pictures on your phone to get that perfect shot, and end up with loads of the same picture, and yet you still haven’t captured the expression correctly.
  • You keep certain areas of the house tidy all the time, and this is where all your product shots are taken, and Instagram stories or You Tube videos filmed.
  • You check your stats every hour of the day (or at least I feel like I do) and are disappointed that a post isn’t performing as well as you think it should be, or your stats are not as good as yesterday.
  • You get excited when a parcel arrives and it is addressed to your blog name, rather than your actual name.
  • Speaking of parcels, you receive a parcel every day and are on first name terms with the postman.
  • Your inbox is full of emails from PRs and SEO companies wanting content on your site and a follow link for no budget.
  • When you go to blog events, you recognise bloggers by their blog name, but can’t for the life of you remember their first name.
  • You find that you are a fountain of knowledge for any friends who are thinking of setting up a blog, and wonder if you should set up your own blog consultancy service.
  • You feel incredibly proud when you hit a major milestone in followers on social media, for example 5,000 and 10,000, and shout about it to all your followers. Whoop!
  • You are brilliant at blagging or getting loads of free stuff, and then spend great chunks of the day doing product reviews when you realise just how many you have to do.
  • You are brave enough to share your content on local Facebook group pages, and then walk around in fear that someone might actually recognise you.
  • You love to hand out your business cards in pubs, and maybe sneakily leave a few on the tables in local cafes.

If this sounds like you, then you are definitely a blogger. Are there any things that you do as a blogger that are not listed here. It doesn’t matter how silly you sound, I’m sure that many of us reading this can relate to it.

Claire x


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