5 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

5 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

Your kitchen deserves good maintenance and care as it’s one of your most used rooms in your home, and one way you can update it is to renovate it. Indeed, this project is necessary to modernise your kitchen while improving its functionality. However, a renovation may involve complex processes, particularly when you want to upgrade many items such as appliances, flooring, electrics, lighting, more than just your door fronts. Overlooking details can create major problems and may cause you to exceed your budget. Are you thinking about giving a kitchen a face-lift? Here are some common renovation mistakes you can avoid with plenty of planning and research.

  1. Not choosing the right flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your kitchen is essential. It would be best to select well-treated wood with the right finish. It’s worth noting that pre-finished sealed wood is a good option in most cases or hardwood flooring that’s oiled and treated on-site. Some hardwood flooring can be slippery, so you can invest in a textured finish such as hand-scraped or reclaimed wood; these provide good traction while reducing damage due to wear and tear. Wood with a good Janka hardness rating, is more damage-resistant, so keep this in mind.

2. Not visiting a worktop showroom

Your kitchen worktop is an important aspect of your home design, and choosing the right one is essential. Therefore, planning your renovation project without visiting a worktop showroom is not advisable. One main advantage of visiting a worktop showroom is that you can make an informed decision without wasting time or money. They often display diverse worktops samples, making finding the right option easier.

3. Not taking measurements

Measurement is key when it comes to designing a stylish kitchen. Just a little difference in dimensions can distort the renovation process. Therefore, taking your appliance measurements carefully before making your cabinets and worktop specifications is crucial. This will ensure their specs are accounted for. In addition this process will allow you to choose materials and hardware that would blend with your kitchen design. Consider selecting integrated fridges, freezer and dishwashers that can be installed with custom cabinet fronts to complement the rest of your space.

4. Failing to layer your lighting

Lighting is another key element of a kitchen renovation that you shouldn’t overlook. Your kitchen is a multifunctional space requiring proper illumination to meet your cooking and meal-prepping needs. Try using three layers of lighting (ambient, decorative and task) to serve different purposes in your kitchen. Ambient lighting can offer diffused brightness to your space. Likewise, a decorative lighting layer will create a visual focal point, making highlighting your wall art, plants, and other architectural features easier. Hanging pendant lights over a table is a good example of using task lighting to help you perform activities.

5. Ignoring electrical elements

Electrical sockets in your kitchen should be given a high priority. So, don’t ignore these elements. As a tip, plan for sockets around your kitchen, including your island. Design a countertop area with sockets to allow you to hide and use your appliances with little clutter on your worktop. Keeping appliance cords away from hot surfaces is also crucial, so keep this in mind.  

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