Lazy Landscaping: 5 Landscaping Ideas That Never Fail

5 Landscaping Ideas That Never Fail

Perhaps you love spending time in your garden but you don’t like the amount of work you have to do in it. Spending a summer’s afternoon in the garden, relaxing, can be bliss. But, when all you see are jobs to do, it can be difficult to enjoy it.

If you want a garden that’s easy to manage, you’ll be thrilled to know it is achievable. With some simple landscaping, you could turn your garden into a haven that almost takes care of itself. Here’s how to do it.

Choose Patio Over Lawn

Maintaining lawns takes a lot of time and effort. However, getting rid of your lawn doesn’t mean your garden can’t look beautiful. Hardscaping is the best way to make sure you need to put as little effort into your garden as possible.

The great news is, you can still be creative when it comes to hardscaping. You can even cut the costs by using a patch work design and getting low cost or free cut offs or recycled pieces of patio. 

Plant a Hedge

When you want an easy to manage border around your garden, you can’t go wrong with hedging. Portuguese laurel in different sizes gives you the option to plant hedge at different heights, according to your needs. This slow growing hedge is low maintenance so you won’t find yourself with trimmers in your hands every week of the year.

Hedges are a great way to preserve natural and classic beauty in a garden. It’s why you’ll find them throughout many historic gardens all across the country.

Plant Perennials

If you’re looking for low maintenance flowers to add a touch of beauty to your garden, consider planting only perennials. Annual plants are much harder to maintain and you’ll need to give them more time and devotion. Perennials on the other hand will take care of themselves.

These plants are perfect for forgetful gardeners who will be surprised to see their flowers return year after year. Look at the perennials best suited to your garden and how much space they require.

Artificial Grass

If a garden just isn’t a garden to you without grass, consider artificial grass instead of real. The price you pay will depend on the area you want to cover but you can be sure it will be a lot less work than a real lawn. You won’t have to worry about watering it or mowing it.

Some people even vacuum their artificial grass to keep it looking spotless. In addition, as long as there’s soil underneath, you can plant through artificial grass. For instance, a tree can grow perfectly well through artificial grass when planted from seed.

Self-Cleaning Roses

When you want to add some colour to your garden, self-cleaning roses, also known as Knock Out Roses, are what you need. They’re the type of flower you can plant and forget about yet they still maintain their brilliant vibrancy. You won’t even need to prune them.

If you’re hoping to landscape your garden for more convenience, you won’t go wrong with these tips.

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