5 ways to update your blog's branding

[AD] 5 ways to refresh your blog’s branding

You may have noticed that this blog underwent a little transformation at the end of last year. Only small changes were made but they were enough to increase traffic and to encourage readers to stay on my blog for longer, which is brilliant and something you should be striving to achieve if you have a blog or a website.

So here are the 5 updates that I made to this blog, which are also 5 ways that you can refresh the branding of your blog. Also if you haven’t got a blog and are thinking about starting one these are also valuable tips to take on board too!

Design a catchy header image

All blogs should, in my opinion, have a header image. This could be your logo, or something that depicts what your blog is about. My header image is something that should be updated, however it works with the name and resonates with my audience. It is my logo that has been part of my blog since I started it 5 years ago and therefore changing it is quite a big deal.

However it shows how important it is to have a header image that allows your readers to instantly know that your blog posts are yours. I did make a small change to reduce my header image in size allowing the content to have greater prominence.

Write enticing headlines to encourage clicks

This is super important. The aim of your blog is to provide useful content to help and inspire others, or to provide an outlet for your thoughts. If you’re looking to get people hooked into your blog posts and to keep coming back for more, you need to write content that encourages people to click the headline and read the post. I recently went through my blog posts updating the headlines and you can use free fonts from Font Bundles to make those headlines even more eye-catching.

For example if you write a home interiors or lifestyle blog, I find that my most viewed blog posts are those that inspire and provide advice for future home renovators.

5 ways to refresh your blogs branding

Create categories to aid content navigation

To allow your readers to navigate your blog easily divide your content into categories. These categories are often created in the admin panel of your blog and then you assign each blog post a category before it goes live. The categories will most likely also form your menu too!

This is really useful if you have a multi-purpose blog like mine, for example I have categories for Lifestyle, Parenting, Travel etc, and it means that anyone wanting to read Travel or Lifestyle content can very easily navigate to that section.

Add your most popular posts to a carousel

One of the quickest and simplest changes I recently made was to make sure all of my lifestyle content featured in carousel at the top of the page. In addition to this I placed my most viewed blog posts and blog posts that I wanted people to read directly below the carousel in their own feature boxes. These included blog posts about my kitchen and bathroom design which I know are really useful for my audience.

I said at the start of this post that I had seen an increase in traffic and longer dwell times on my blog, and I think that this is to do with these posts being in a carousel and feature boxes. It’s the first thing that viewers see when they land on my blog, and it’s content that will interest them when being directed from my social media.

Use strong imagery

Finally imagery is essential, especially if you write a home interiors and lifestyle blog. Images keep a viewer locked into a blog post, they inspire, they can used be show before and afters, the beauty of a product or a renovated room, and they help to break up lots of text. Make sure that each and every one of your blog posts uses imagery or at least has a header image.

Images are not only for the blog post, they are also for your home page and category pages to help make your blog posts stand out. They are also used to support the headline instantly telling your viewers what your blog post is about.

So those are 5 ways you can refresh and update your blog’s branding. To find more inspiration you could check out these Top 10 Interior Blogs in the UK for ideas. Will you be putting any of these tips in place today?


Disclaimer – this is a collaborative post.

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