[AD] Our plans and ideas for renovating our loft conversion

The final room (or floor) of our house renovation is the refurbishment or renovation of our loft conversion. We are incredibly lucky to already have a loft conversion completed on the house before we moved in. However since renovating the ground floor and first floor, the loft conversion style and interior no longer fits with the house. It has a slight dated feel to it and the bathroom is falling apart despite it only being 6 years old, so there is definitely room for improvement.

I wanted to write this blog post to talk about our plans and ideas that I have in the progress to completely renovate the top floor of our house, our loft conversion. The project is moving forwards and we’re just waiting for a start date from our builder which will be either towards the end of the year or in January. But in the meantime I’ve been working with Tash, the Colour Consultant at Lick to help put together some ideas and a moodboard for inspiration.

The Colour Consultation with Tash was brilliant. It was held over video call, and I talked through my plans for the space, including what we had done with the rest of the house, my interior design style, and how tie-ing this floor into the rest of the house whilst giving it a luxurious feel was my main priority. Tash took all of this onboard and after the call I quickly received my colour consultancy presentation as a PDF, and I love it. The ideas and the colours completely fit what I am trying to achieve, and have helped start the planning process and sparked some ideas.

Our Loft Conversion Refurbishment - Ideas and Plans with Lick Paint

The style of the room is going to take cues from the rest of the house, continuing our theme of monochrome with gold or brass finishes into the bedroom and the bathroom. The biggest change that we are going to make is to make the whole floor feel a little more luxurious, think hotel suite. We will do this by making the bathroom part of the room separated with black steel doors. Don’t worry the glass will either be frosted or fluted. This will mean taking about a foot or so from the bedroom and adding more room to the bathroom, which is the right thing to do as the bathroom is super small compared to a huge bedroom (I can span my arms and touch both walls in the bathroom).

We will add reeded panelling behind the bed, and add new doors to the existing wardrobes to continue the reeded panelling effect across the whole back wall. Most likely this will painted in Off Black to tie-in with the rest of the house and my core colour palette. We will add another IKEA hack to this room, adding a PAX wardrobe for my husband to use (he is very excited to have his own wardrobe, and it will have bespoke doors to match the reeded wall and doors opposite.

The bathroom I’m keen to keep quite light (I think) with white or off white tiles, perhaps a marble patterned floor, with brass fittings. I need to put quite a bit of thought into this space to get it right, so watch this space as I will probably write a separate blog post on it. Bizarrely I’ve been thinking about the toilet recently and this will be wall hung allowing the floor to be seen underneath creating the impression of a larger space. Sinks are always hard, and like my other bathrooms I am limited on space and we may be slightly restricted with the window and chimney breast boxing, so it may mean that it needs to be created like my IKEA hacked sink in the family bathroom.

In addition to this there is lighting to think about and I already have my eye on the Hoxton or the Connaught light (fairly apt with their hotel names) from Dowsing and Reynolds, both are perfect for low ceilings. We are going to have two lights on the wall each side of the bed, and I am on the hunt for those, obviously in gold to match.

Last up is the floor in the bedroom which will be replaced with an engineered chevron wood floor the same as the kitchen.

I’ve put together my own moodboard to help focus my thoughts and to see how the various elements can work together. Most images have been sourced from Pinterest and the lights are from Dowsing and Reynolds.

Our Loft Conversion Reno Moodboard

So those are our plans (so far) for renovating our loft conversation. I’m really excited about making the space ours and giving it more of a luxurious twist, and of course getting started with it. The renovation bug is definitely here, and I’ll keep you posted on next steps whilst I think about expansion gaps, door thresholds and how to create a flush finish between the bedroom and the bathroom.

If you’re looking for renovation ideas and inspiration I would highly recommend a colour consultation with Lick who will advise on their paint colours to suit your home and what you are trying to achieve. The colour consultation that Lick offer is really simple once you’ve purchased it. Simply book your session, you’ll then discuss your requirements by video call, and receive your presentation back. The session is 30 minutes long and can include up to three rooms.


Claire x

AD – I was gifted a free Colour Consultation from Lick Paint in exchange for this blog post.

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