Pros of Using Traditional Shaving Methods: Cut- Throat Razors & More

Pros of Using Traditional Shaving Methods: Cut-Throat Razors & More

Most men these days are opting for an electric razor to get rid of their facial hair easily and quickly, but actually, going back in time and using more traditional methods can be far better for your skin and provide better results. 

Wet shaving has been used for centuries to effectively cut through facial hair using a single sharp blade. Rather than using a multi-blade razor or going over your skin with an electric blade, traditional shaving methods go back to basics putting far less stress on your skin. 

Here are just some of the reasons why using cut-throat razors and other wet shaving methods can be beneficial for both men and women… 

Close and comfortable shave

Firstly, although multi-blade razors might look like they’re more equipped to achieve a close shave, actually the opposite is true. Although cut-throat razors and safety razors have one singular blade, it is a lot sharper meaning it can do the job without having to use multiple blades to pull or tug on the surface of the skin. By using one sharp blade and minimising the stress on your skin, your skin will be able to maintain its natural protective barrier far better leaving you at less risk of acne or bumps occurring. 

The English Shaving Company offer a wide range of top-quality traditional wet shaving tools like cut-throat razors, otherwise known as straight razors. They only stock reputable and high-quality brands to ensure that each and every customer can create a positive and enjoyable grooming experience at home. While cut-throat razors are more commonly seen used by professional barbers, they can be just as effective for personal use at home with enough practise and the right technique. 

Reduce irritation

The fact that cut-throat razors and other wet shaving tools are sharper and heavyweight means you have more control over where the blade is going. The weighted handle feels comfortable to hold, giving you a firm grip so you can steer the blade across the right areas of skin with minimal movement of your hand. 

Your skin will thank you for using one sharp blade rather than multiple blades, allowing the condition of your skin to improve long term and avoid nasty razor bumps or rashes that can take weeks to heal. After all, no one wants red, irritated and itchy skin that can even lead to scarring if your shaving technique continues to aggravate.


Investing in a high-quality cut-throat razor and other shaving tools to complete your grooming routine may be a significant initial investment, but the results you can achieve and the longevity of use you get out to make it entirely worth it. Cut-throat razors can last you for many years with the right care, so all you need to replace is your razor blades which are highly affordable, costing less than £1 for a pack of five blades. 

To make sure you get the most out of your cut-throat razor and don’t let its quality decrease over time, always rinse, dry and store it properly to prevent rusting and keep it out of harm’s way. 


Aside from the financial, aesthetic and health benefits of using a traditional cut-throat razor, it is simply a downright enjoyable way to shave. Having a proper professional-quality grooming routine in place with luxury products is sure to leave you excited to shave rather than viewing it as a chore to tick off. 

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